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Friends Committee On National Legislation Education Fund

Friends Committee On National Legislation Education Fund

The FCNL Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that conducts research, publishes analysis on legislation and government policy for the public and members of Congress, and trains constituents to conduct effective advocacy. FCNL Ed Fund seeks to live our values of integrity, simplicity, and peace as we educate and build relationships with the public and policymakers on critical public policy issues. FCNL Ed Fund’s staff work in the first platinum LEED-certified building on Capitol Hill.

A Scoville Fellow would work on a range of substantive peace and security policy initiatives at the FCNL Ed Fund, related to atrocity prevention and peacebuilding. The work of the Scoville Fellow would be project focused and would help the fellow learn policy analysis and development skills, and understand the legislative process, and effective grassroots and media advocacy. The fellow would have access to a large a network of peacebuilding and policy professionals for career development.

These projects could include:

  • Supporting FCNL Ed Fund’s peacebuilding program through research on root causes of violent conflict and effective peacebuilding responses and proposing innovative ways in which the U.S. policy can prevent violent conflict and strengthen peace;
  • Supporting the Prevention and Protection Working Group’s effort to ensure robust implementation of the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act (P.L. 115-441) as well as supporting advocacy on specific conflicts through research, writing, and outreach.

The fellow would have opportunities to publish articles in national and local media outlets and in FCNLEF publications for constituents; to organize briefings for the NGO community and policymakers with high profile speakers; to network and engage with experts, grassroots activists, and local leaders in key states on relevant issues. FCNL Ed Fund has a nationwide network of more than 50,000 active constituents in 45 states and seventy-five years of experience in advancing peace. FCNL Education Fund has successfully assisted past Scoville Fellows and FCNL Young Fellows in finding positions at other NGOs and in the government.