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Diving Headfirst into Peacebuilding

On Sunday, August 15, following a rapid advance that took much of the world by surprise, Taliban forces entered Kabul virtually uncontested and effectively cemented their control over Afghanistan. The following day I began my Scoville Fellowship serving the Global…

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How I Became Inspired to Work on Peace

Born and raised in Hodeidah, Yemen, I have grown up well aware of how political corruption affects the lives of millions of people. Poverty, injustice, and oppression existed around me for almost all my life. In my adolescence, civil unrest…

Fellow Stories

Never Neglect Hidden Stories

Most people can talk at length about the Kardashians, offensive and defensive line-ups in the Super Bowl, and whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. Foreign policy is definitely not one of those topics. However, more than one thinks, foreign policy…

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