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2009 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 2009 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

Jessica Anderson (Fall 2009)
• wrote “Legitimacy and Coherence: A Recipe for Effective DDR in Uganda,” Spotlight Stimson Center website, November 5, 2009

Claire Applegarth  (Fall 2004)
• co-wrote “Acting Against Atrocities: A Strategy for Supporters of the Responsibility to Protect.” Discussion Paper #09-03, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, March 2009

Yurika Ayukawa (Fall 1996)
• quoted in “Emissions Goal Draws Fire From All Sides,” The Japan Times June 11, 2009

Toby Berkman (Spring 2004)
• wrote “Compensating Victims of Wrongful Detention, Torture, and Abuse in the U.S. War on Terror,” Harvard Law Review, February 2009

Nick Birnback (Fall 1992)
• quoted in “Peacekeepers-for-Hire? Not So Fast, Critics Warn,” Inter Press Service, March 30, 2009
• interviewed on “UN Says No Change in Fiji’s Peacekeeping Status,” ABC Radio Australia, May 6, 2009

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• wrote “Nuclear Myth-Busting,” correspondence, Nonproliferation Review, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2009

Alex Bollfrass (Spring 2007)
• co-wrote “U.S. Perspectives on the Global Elimination of Nuclear Weapons,” chapter in Russia and the United States, Stimson Center, July 2009
• wrote  “A Coalition of the Willing for Nuclear Disarmament?” Spotlight Stimson Center website, November 2, 2009

Matthew Buongiorno (Fall 2009)
• co-wrote “Missile Watch: Global Update (April – October 2009),” Federation of American Scientists Strategic Security Blog, October 2009
• wrote and compiled “MANPADS Transfers Reported to the UN Arms Register,” FAS website, October 2009

Devon Chaffee (Spring 2002)
• guest d on Washington Journal to discuss U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to allow civilian trials in New York City, C-SPAN, November 14, 2009

John Feffer (Spring 1988)
• wrote “Japan: The Price of Normalcy,” Foreign Policy In Focus, January 13, 2009
• co-wrote “From Arms to Art,” Foreign Policy In Focus, January 16, 2009
• wrote “The Risk of Military Keynesianism,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 9, 2009
• wrote “North Korea Sends Message: ‘Don’t Ignore Us!’,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 18, 2009
• wrote “A Need for Restraint over North Korea’s Satellite,” Boston Globe op-ed, April 5, 2009
• interviewed about North Korea and the media, Counterspin (FAIR), May 29, 2009
• wrote “Outsourcing North Korea Policy,” Asia Chronicle, June 11, 2009
• wrote “The Obama-Lee Summit: Dangerous Consensus?” Asia Chronicle, June 19, 2009

Fatema Rasul Haji-Taki (Spring 2005)
• profiled in “Boston Builds Bridges in the Arab World,” Boston Globe, May 1, 2009
• wrote “In Morocco, Breaking Down Barriers in the Arab World,” Boston Globe May 5, 2009
• wrote “Reaching Out to Arab, Muslim Americans,” Rights Now, Spring 2009

Cole Harvey (Spring 2009)
• wrote “Disarmament Efforts Get New Impetus,” Arms Control Today, March 2009
• wrote “Obama Sets New Course on Arms Control,” Arms Control Today, March 2009
• co-wrote “Realizing the Promise of the CTBT,” Disarmament Times, Spring 2009
• wrote “GAO Criticizes Missile Defense Programs,” Arms Control Today, April 2009
• wrote “Russia, U.S. Seek START Successor by Year End,” Arms Control Today, April 2009
• wrote “United Kingdom Promotes Disarmament,” Arms Control Today, April 2009
• wrote “Gates Reorienting Missile Defense Programs,” Arms Control Today, May 2009
• wrote “Obama Calls for Nuclear Weapons-Free World,” Arms Control Today, May 2009
• wrote “U.S., Russia Agree on Path for New Arms Cuts,” Arms Control Today, May 2009
• wrote “CD Breaks Deadlock on Work Plan,” Arms Control Today, June 2009
• wrote “Missile Defense Programs in Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010 Budgets,” Arms Control Today, June 2009
• co-wrote “Nonproliferation Budget Sees Some Hikes,” Arms Control Today, June 2009
• wrote “U.S., Russia Continue Talks on START,” Arms Control Today, June 2009
• wrote “Russia Vetoes UN Mission in Georgia,” Arms Control Today, July/August 2009
• wrote “African NWFZ Treaty Enters Into Force,” Arms Control Today, September 2009
• wrote “Nuclear Arms Resolution Passed at UN Summit,” Arms Control Today, October 2009
• wrote “Obama Shifts Gears on Missile Defense,” Arms Control Today, October 2009
• wrote “Revised Russian Nuke Doctrine Aimed at Near Abroad,” guest blog post at Nukes of Hazard, Center for Arms Control and Non-proliferation. October 19, 2009
• co-wrote “Congress Funds Nonproliferation Work,” Arms Control Today, November 2009
• wrote “U.S. Takes New Stance on Some Issues at UN,” Arms Control Today, December 2009

Danny Hosein (Fall 2007)
• wrote “Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Ratification Is More Important than Ever Before,” FCNL Flyer, May 2009

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997)
• quoted in “Reflecting Upon Pakistan and Its Nuclear Weapons,” The Cornell Daily Sun op-ed, February 6, 2009

Elise Keppler (Fall 1997)
• presented “The United States and the International Criminal Court: The Bush Administration’s Approach and a Way Forward Under the Obama Administration,”
Stefan A. Riesenfeld Symposium, Berkeley Journal of International Law, 2009
• wrote “Hold the Line on Bashir,” New York Times letter to the editor, April 8, 2009
• co-wrote “UN Envoy’s Term Ends, But Rebels Go On and On,” Huffington Post, July 14, 2009
• interviewed in “A Fair Trial For A War Lord?,” NPR Tell Me More, July 16, 2009

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• quoted in “Despite Historic Pact, U.S. Firms Are Hampered in Setting Up Reactors in India,” Washington Post, January 21, 2009
• co-wrote “Realizing the Promise of the CTBT,” Disarmament Times, Spring 2009
• wrote “No Nuclear Weapons. Why Not?” New York Times letter to the editor, May 17, 2009
• quoted in “The CTBT Debate Begins Again,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 1, 2009
• quoted in “U.S. and Russia Push Arms-Control Talks Forward,” Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2009
• quoted in “Obama Seeks Global Uranium Fuel Bank,” Boston Globe, June 8, 2009
• quoted in “U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement Is First Step in Broad Effort,” New York Times, July 6, 2009
• quoted in “Promising U.S.-Russia Effort On Nuclear Arms Limits,” National Public Radio Morning Edition, July 7, 2009
• quoted in “U.S. and Russia to Reduce Arsenals,” Washington Post, July 7, 2009
• quoted in “Talks Could Lead to Cut in UK’s Nuclear Stockpile, Says Gordon Brown,” The Guardian, July 9, 2009
• quoted in “Revised U.S. UN Arms Control Resolution,” Politico, September 17, 2009
• quoted in “Security Council Adopts Nuclear Weapons Resolution,” Washington Post, September 24, 2009
• quoted in “Panel Sees No Need for A-Bomb Upgrade,” New York Times, November 19, 2009
• quoted in “Arms Treaty Likely to Expire Before New Pact Is Set,” New York Times, December 2, 2009
• quoted in “U.S. to Unveil Biological Threat Strategy,” Washington Post, December 9, 2009
• quoted in “Obama, Medvedev to Meet on Nuclear Weapons Talks,” Associated Press, December 17, 2009

Brian Klein (Fall 2008)
• co-wrote “The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Senate Ratification Would Enhance U.S. Security.” Union of Concerned Scientists Fact Sheet, 2009
• co-wrote “Analysis of Senate and House FY2009 Appropriations for DOE Nuclear Weapons-Related Activities,” Union of Concerned Scientists Fact Sheet, January 2009
• wrote “The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Ratification Would Enhance U.S. Security,” Union of Concerned Scientists Fact Sheet, November 2009

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)
• wrote “U.S. Must Work With World’s Rising Powers,” Courier, The Stanley Foundation website, March 2009
• wrote “Weak Nations, Big Threats,” Star Tribune (MN) op-ed, April 9, 2009
• wrote “India as a Nuclear-Capable Rising Power in a Multipolar and Non-Polar World,” in a book-length version of Strategic Analysis, The Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, and Routledge, May 2009
• wrote “Nuclear Network Theory,” Foreigtn Policy, October 30, 2009

Adam Lichtenheld (Spring 2009)
• wrote “Saddam’s Premonition, Talabani’s Hypocrisy?” DC Bureau, March 31, 2009
• wrote “Under Siege in Kurdistan, Can the Talabanis Keep Their Influence In Washington?” DC Bureau, March 31, 2009
• wrote “Whatever Happened to the Darling Chalabi?” DC Bureau, April 17, 2009
• wrote “The Illusion of Stability,” DC Bureau, April 21, 2009
• wrote “What Are an Iraqi CIA Agent and His Novice Lobbyist Up to in Washington?” DC Bureau, May 15, 2009
• wrote “Poll: Iraq Still “Most Important Issue” Influencing Arab World’s Opinion of the U.S.,” DC Bureau, May 27, 2009
• wrote “Unlicensed “New- Fields Exhibitions” Claims To Provide Clients Easy Access in Iraq,” DC Bureau, June 25, 2009
• wrote “Baghdad’s Ambassador Confronts a Fragmented Iraq in the Washington Front of the War,” DC Bureau, July 13, 2009
• wrote “No Contractor Left Behind Part I: KBR, the Pentagon and the Soldiers Who Paid,” DC Bureau, October 5, 2009
• wrote “No Contractor Left Behind Part II: KBR’s Negligence,” DC Bureau, October 7, 2009
• wrote “No Contractor Left Behind: Part III: ‘Just Suck It Up and Move On’,” DC Bureau, October 9, 2009
• wrote “No Contractor Left Behind Part IV: Congress’s Powerless Probe,” DC Bureau, October 13, 2009
• wrote “Disgraced USA Today Reporter Makes Comeback as the Kurds’ DC Flack,” DC Bureau, November 4, 2009

Chris Lindborg (Spring 1997)
• wrote “The NATO Summit: Openings for a New Nuclear Posture,” Foreign Policy in Focus, April 2, 2009
• wrote “Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy,” BASIC Getting to Zero Papers, No. 12, April 22, 2009

Andrew Prosser (Spring 2004)
• presented “Nuclearization and Its Discontents: Explaining the Prevalence of Nuclear Reversal,” Strategic Studies Group, University of Geneva, March 11, 2009 and Center for Security Studies, University of Zurich, June 3, 2009
• co-wrote “The CBRN Threat: Past, Present and Future,” Freedom from Fear Magazine, Vol. 5, November 2009

Lisa Putkey (Fall 2009)
• quoted in “Is This the Face of Anti-Nuke Activism?” Campus Progress, August 28, 2009
• wrote  “Mobilizing Youth Around Nuclear Disarmament,” and “Making Peace A Global Priority: UN Conference on Nuclear Disarmament,” Action Report, The Quarterly Newsletter of the Peace Action Education Fund and Peace Action, Fall 2009
• co-wrote “Your Contributions Needed for NPR (No, Not National Public Radio),” op-ed, December 17, 2009

Kingston Reif (Spring 2008)
• co-wrote “The RRW’s Vacuum Tube Myth,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online, April 22, 2009
• wrote “Analysis: Final Report of the Congressional Commission on the Nuclear Strategic Posture of the United States,” Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, website, May 6, 2009
• wrote “Nukes Remain Top Security Issue,” Deming (NM) Headlight op-ed, June 8, 2009
• wrote “Analysis of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force Report on U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy,” CACNP website, June 9, 2009
• co-wrote “Will the Senate Support New Nuclear Arms Reductions?” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online, June 23, 2009
• co-wrote “The Obama-Medvedev Security Summit,” Reuters, July 3, 2009
• interviewed in “A Shift in Focus: Changes in the Missile Defense Program,” Foreign Policy In Focus, October 26, 2009
• wrote “How to Ratify the Test Ban Treaty,” World Politics Review, November 2, 2009
• quotedin “Is Obama Being Naïve on Nukes Or Disarming Hawkish Critics?” The Washington Diplomat, December 2009
• wrote “Nuclear Weapons: The Modernization Myth,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online, December 8, 2009
• interviewed in “Looking for a New START,” Daily Kos, December 20, 2009

Travis Sharp (Fall 2006)
• quoted in “A Retreat in Spending: As Obama’s White House Shifts U.S. Priorities, The Defense Industry Prepares to Retrench.” Washington Post, February 6, 2009
• co-wrote “Coordination and Realism on North Korea,” The Korea Times, March 1, 2009
• quoted in “Meltdown 101: Can Troop Move Aid Defense Industry?” Associated Press, March 5, 2009
• wrote “The Worst Kind of Stimulus: Why a Global Weapons Boom is the Last Thing We Need,” Foreign Policy web edition, March 2009
• wrote “A Perfect Storm for Pentagon Reform,” Joint Force Quarterly, 53:2 Spring 2009
• quoted in “Budget Clouds Hover Over U.S. Programs,” Defense News, March 23, 2009
• quoted in “Gates Asks Lawmakers to See the Big Picture in His Budget Proposal,” CQ Today, April 6, 2009
• quoted in “Gates Cuts to Boeing, Lockheed Spur Fight in Congress,”, April 7, 2009
• quoted in “Congress Slams Defense Budget Cuts,” Reuter, April 7, 2009
• co-wrote “The Cold War Takes a Hit,” Foreign Policy In Focus, April 7, 2009
• interviewed on the Foreign Policy Association’s Rising Powers blog, April 10, 2009
• wrote “U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Iran in the Obama Era,” Institute for International Political Studies (Milan, Italy) June 2009
• co-wrote “Bargaining Chip or Gas Mask? Prospects for Missile Defense,” Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, July 21, 2009
• wrote “Time to Grow the Acquisition Work Force,” Defense News, August 17, 2009
• wrote “Local Priorities vs. National Interests in Arms Control,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, August 28, 2009
• wrote “Options on Missile Defense,” The Register Citizen (CT) op-ed, September 21, 2009
• wrote “Globe Gave Insider a Voice on Building Carriers,” Boston Globe letter to the editor, October 16, 2009
• quoted in “What Obama’s Afghan War Plan Will Cost You,” Christian Science Monitor, December 3, 2009

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)
• co-wrote “Mumbai Attacks Demonstrate Terrorist Reliance on Small Arms,” CDI website, January 15, 2009
• co-wrote “The Challenges of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa,” Conflict Trends, Issue 1, 2009
• co-wrote The International Arms Trade, Polity Press, December 2009

Masako Toki (Fall 2001)
• wrote “Missile Defense in Japan,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online edition, January 16, 2009
• wrote “Japan’s Response to the North Korean Satellite Launch,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online edition, April 3, 2009,
• wrote “A World Free of Nuclear Weapons For the Next Generation: U.S., Russian High School Students Present Research On Nuclear Disarmament, Conference report, CNS website, May 12, 2009
• wrote “The North Korean nuclear test: The Japanese Reaction” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online edition, May 27, 2009
• wrote “Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education: An Essential Tool for a World Without Nuclear Weapons,” CNS website, June 3, 2009
• wrote “Japan’s Evolving Security Policy: Along Came North Korea’s Threats” Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, June 4, 2009

Hisham Zerriffi (Fall 1995)
• co-presented “Blasts from the Past: Discourses on Nuclear Power Over Six Decades,” International Studies Association, New York, February 2009