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2003 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 2003 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

E. Scott Adler (Spring 1989)
• co-wrote Structural Change and Theories of Legislative Organization: A Reassessment of Congressional “Turf Wars” Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy seminar presentation, April 11, 2003

Michael Bhatia (Fall 2000)
• wrote War and Intervention: Issues for Contemporary Peace Operations, Kumarian Press; April 2003
• wrote “The Peace Allergy: Why the U.S. Military Had No Plans for Post-War Iraq,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July/August 2003
• wrote “Repatriation Under a Peace Process: Mandated Return in the Western Sahara” International Journal of Refugee Law, October 2003

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• wrote “Tactically Adept, Strategically Inept: Reflections on the 1999 Campaign to Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty” Kennedy School Review, 2003
• wrote “Project Vinca: Lessons for Securing Civil Nuclear Material Stockpiles,” The Nonproliferation Review, Fall/Winter 2003

Devon Chaffee (Spring 2002)
• co-wrote “Law Triumphs Over Force: For the Moment U.N. Iraq Resolution Does Not Authorize Use of Force” chapter in The Iraq Crisis and International Law, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Reader, January 2003
• wrote “North Korea’s Withdrawal From Nonproliferation Treaty Official” April 10, 2003
• wrote “New Documents Released on Eve of Chernobyl Disaster Anniversary” 2003
• co-wrote “Facing the Failures of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Regime,” The Humanist, September/October 2003
• wrote “Freedom Or Force On The High Seas? Arms Interdiction and International Law” BASIC Reports, October 2003

Martha Clark (Fall 2002)
• wrote A False Sense of Security: The Role of Missile Defenses in Counterproliferation Doctrine, PSR briefing book, 2003
• wrote “War In Iraq: Implications for Missile Defense” PSR Fact Sheet, April 2003
• wrote “Dealing with the North Korean Nuclear Problem” CDI Issue Brief, April 2003

Jonathan Davis (Fall 2002)
• co-wrote “Doing It Right: Post-Iraq Export Control Reforms” Stimson Center website, 2003

Jon Elliston (Fall 1993)
• wrote “Blasts from the Past” Independent, February 26, 2003
• wrote “Corps Yanks Documents Off the Web” Independent, March 12, 2003
• wrote “Takin’ it to the ‘Streets'” Independent, March 26, 2003
• wrote “Still Singing Dixie” Independent, April 16, 2003
• co-wrote “Hidden Casualties: An Epidemic of Domestic Violence When Troops Return from War” Southern Exposure,

Molly Farneth (Fall 2003)
• wrote “Military and Foreign Policy Impacts of U.S. Oil Dependence” PSR Factsheet, December 2003

John Feffer (Spring 1988)
• wrote “North Korea: Bush’s ‘Time-Out’ Method Doesn’t Work” Global Beat Syndicate, February 10, 2003
• edited Power Trip: U.S. Unilateralism and Global Strategy After September 11, Seven Stories Press; March 2003
• wrote “Is North Korea Next?” Foreign Policy In Focus, March 24, 2003
• wrote “Eyes on Different Prizes” Foreign Policy In Focus, May 12, 2003
• wrote “The Price of Power” Global Beat Syndicate, June 23, 2003
• wrote “Fearful Symmetry: Washington and Pyongyang” Foreign Policy In Focus, July 2003
• interviewed on Washington Post website, August 13, 2003
• wrote “Six Countries in Search of a Solution” Foreign Policy In Focus, August 26, 2003
• wrote “Hexagonal Headache” Foreign Policy In Focus, September 4, 2003
• wrote “We’ve Lost Their Hearts and Minds” Foreign Policy In Focus, September 9, 2003
• wrote North Korea/South Korea: U.S. Policy at a Time of Crisis, Seven Stories Press; October 2003
• wrote “The Tug of War” Foreign Policy In Focus, October 22, 2003
• wrote “Wish List: What the North Koreans Are Really After, and how the United States Should Respond,” The American Prospect website only October 23, 2003
• wrote “North Korea: A Different Kind of Regime Change” Global Beat Syndicate, December 2, 2003

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997)
• wrote “Religious Extremism in India and Pakistan: Implications for Political Stability in South Asia,” study for Defense Threat Reduction Agency, U.S. Department of Defense, Summer 2003
• wrote “Stakeholders in the Indian Strategic Missile Program,” The Nonproliferation Review, Fall/Winter 2003

Asma Khan (Fall 2002)
• wrote “A World Without Nukes” The News (Pakistan) May 25, 2003
• researched “Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones (NWFZ) At a Glance” Arms Control Association factsheet, July 2003
• wrote “Weapon Free Zones: An Overview” Defence Journal (Pakistan) September 2003

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• wrote “Beyond the ‘Axis of Evil'” Arms Control Today, January/February 2003
• wrote “At the Crossroads on Iraq” Arms Control Today, March 2003
• wrote “A Perilous Precedent” Arms Control Today, April 2003
• wrote “North Korea: What’s Next?” Arms Control Today, May 2003
• wrote “Making Nuclear Weapons More Usable?”Defense News, May 26, 2003
• wrote “The Case of Iraq’s “Missing” Weapons” Arms Control Today, June 2003
• quoted in “White House Releases Iraq Weapons Report ” Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 19, 2003
• wrote “Turning Iran Away From Nuclear Weapons” Arms Control Today, July/August 2003
• wrote “Iraq’s WMD: Myth and Reality” Arms Control Today, September 2003
• wrote “A Foundation to Strengthen, Not Erode” Arms Control Today, October 2003
• co-wrote “Time For Reckoning,” Baltimore Sun, October 21, 2003
• wrote “Course Correction on North Korea” Arms Control Today, November 2003
• wrote “The New Nuclear Proliferation Crisis” Arms Control Today, December 2003
• interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition, December 30, 2003

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)
• wrote “The Political and Strategic Imperatives of Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia” India Review, January 2003
• co-wrote “The NPT: Can This Treaty Be Saved?” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, September/October 2003

Regina Lennox (Fall 2002)
• wrote Briefing Book on Tactical Nuclear Weapons January 2003

Chris Lindborg (Spring 1997)
• wrote “Changing the Guard in Afghanistan and Macedonia,” BASIC Reports, Number 83, February 2003
• co-wrote “Senate Hearings on NATO Expansion: Key Issues of Concern” BASIC Notes, April 28, 2003
• wrote “A Tumultuous Time Since the Last Soiree,” Introduction to BASIC’s NATO E-mail Series, June 2, 2003
• wrote “EU-U.S. Summit 2003” BASIC Briefing, June 24, 2003
• wrote “In Iraq After the War” Letter to the Editor Washington Post, June 27, 2003
• co-wrote “Democratic Dominoes: The Hazards of Governmental Transitions, 1974-1996,” Journal of Conflict Resolution, August 2003
• wrote “NATO Ministerial Meetings in Brussels: Looking Ahead to the Istanbul Summit in 2004,” BASIC Briefing, December 3, 2003

Krista Nelson (Spring 2003)
• wrote “Iraq: Questions Regarding the Laws of War” Weekly Defense Monitor, March 18, 2003
• wrote “Options for the Prosecution of War Crimes and Atrocities in Iraq,” Weekly Defense Monitor, May 1, 2003
• wrote “Potential Guantanamo Trials Call for Diplomatic Flexibility,” The Defense Monitor, September/October 2003

Kaleb Redden (Spring 2003)
• researched “North Korean Cruise Missile Tests–and Iraqi Cruise Missile Attacks–Raise Troubling Questions for Missile Defenses” CNS website
• co-wrote “Boeing and Hughes Settle Over Export Control Violations Regarding Technology Data Transfers to the People’s Republic of China” NIS Export Control Observer, May 2003
• wrote “International Cooperation to Prevent Missile Smuggling Attempt,” NIS Export Control Observer, October 2003
• wrote “Inspecting the Inspectorate: A Look at Financial and Political Support for the IAEA,” The Nonproliferation Review, Fall/Winter 2003
• wrote “Confronting Verification Ghosts” IAEA Bulletin, December 2003

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)
• co-wrote “Export-Control Murkiness: U.S. Secrecy Spurs Talk of Looser Standards” Weekly Defense Monitor, January 16, 2003
• wrote “Anniversary of Child Soldier Treaty Marked on Hill” Weekly Defense Monitor, February 13, 2003
• co-wrote “Another War, Another Round of Landmines?” Christian Science Monitor op-ed, February 18, 2003
• wrote “Small Arms Are Continuing Threat in Iraq” CDI website, March 24, 2003
• quoted in “The Young Face of War” St. Petersburg Times, April 8, 2003
• wrote “War Ends, But Iraq Battle Over Small Arms Just Begins” op-ed, Christian Science Monitor op-ed, May 28, 2003
• co-edited Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Debunking the Myths and Exposing Risks of Arms Export Reform, June 2003
• co-wrote “Tajikistan” (about arms trade) CDI website, June 16, 2003
• wrote “Proliferation of Small Arms: A Menace That Must Be Controlled” op-ed, International Herald Tribune, June 30, 2003
• wrote “Small Arms Pose a Peril That Must Not Be Forgotten” op-ed. Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2003
• interviewed on “Talk of the Nation,” National Public Radio, July 10, 2003
• quoted in “Child Soldiers Add to Liberia Tragedy” MSNBC News, August 4, 2003
• wrote “U.S. Post-Sept. 11 Arms Trade Policy” CDI website, September 16, 2003
• wrote “Armed and Dangerous: Stopping the Use of Child Soldiers,” chapter in Reframing the Agenda: The Impact of NGO and Middle Power Cooperation in International Security Policy, September 2003
• wrote “Iraq Small Arms Are A Big Threat” Christian Science Monitor op-ed, November 5, 2003

Hisham Zerriffi (Fall 1995)
• co-wrote “Improving Energy Infrastructure Security: Costs and Consequences” presented at the Conference of the International Association of energy Economists, June 2003