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2005 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 2005 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

E. Scott Adler (Spring 1989)
• co-presented “The Politics of Legislative Specialization: Issues and Considerations in Measurement,” at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting, Chicago, IL, 2005
• co-presented “The Scope and Urgency of Legislation: Reconsidering Bill Success in the House of Representatives” at the American Political Science Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, 2005

Claire Applegarth (Fall 2004)
• wrote “Brazil, IAEA Reach Inspection Agreement,” Arms Control Today, January/February 2005
• wrote “U.S. Says it Will Complete Russian Nuclear Security Upgrades by 2008,” Arms Control Today, January/February 2005
• compiled “The 2000 NPT Review Conference And the 13 Practical Steps: A Summary,” Arms Control Today, January/February 2005
• wrote “Modest Hike in Threat Reduction Budget,” Arms Control Today, March 2005
• co-wrote Major Proposals to Strengthen the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: A Resource Guide, April 2005
• wrote “U.S., Russia Seek Help on Plutonium,” Arms Control Today, April 2005
• wrote “Threat Reduction Budget Detailed,” Arms Control Today, April 2005
• wrote “UN Adopts Nuclear Terrorism Convention; Treaty Seven Years in the Making,” Arms Control Today, May 2005
• wrote “U.S., Russia Near Liability Accord,” Arms Control Today, June 2005
• wrote “Divisions Foil NPT Review Conference,” Arms Control Today, June 2005

Yurika Ayukawa (Fall 1996)
• quoted in “Japan Lags in Reaching Own Kyoto Targets,” Toronto Globe and Mail, April 29, 2005

Nisha Baliga (Fall 1998)
• wrote “Mapping Nairobi’s Slums for Community Empowerment,” Urban Magazine (published by Columbia University), Spring 2005

Michael Bhatia (Fall 2000)
• wrote “Fighting Words: Naming Terrorists, Bandits, Rebels and Other Violent Actors,”
Third World Quarterly, March 2005
• wrote “Postconflict Profit: The Political Economy of Intervention,” Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, April-June 2005

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• co-wrote “Nuclear 9/11: What If Port Is Ground Zero?” Houston Chronicle op-ed, April 30, 2005
• wrote Global Cleanout of Civil Nuclear Material: Toward a Comprehensive, Threat-Driven Response, CSIS Strengthening the Global Partnership Issue Brief, September 2005
• presented “Global Cleanout of Civil Nuclear Material: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism and State Acquisition” Center for Strategic and International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues Conference, hosted by ATK Thiokol, Northrop Grumman, and the U.S. Air Force, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 2005
• presented “Global Cleanout of Civil Nuclear Material: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism and State Acquisition” American Political Science Association International Security and Arms Control and International Studies Association (ISA) International Security Studies Section Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, October 2005
• presented “Securing and Removing Civil Nuclear-Explosive Material Worldwide: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism and State Acquisition” Center for Strategic and International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues Annual Conference, hosted by U.S. Strategic Command, Omaha, Nebraska, November 2005

Sarah Chankin-Gould (Fall 2003)
• wrote “Algeria,” CDI website, January 3, 2005
• co-wrote “Double-Edged Shield,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May/June 2005

Martha Clark (Fall 2002)
• wrote “Deadly Chemicals, Domestic Politics, and Dissent: The Case of Russian Chemical Weapons Destruction and Lessons for Regime Theory,” Cornell International Review, Spring 2005
• wrote a short commentary in Partners or Rivals?: European-American Relations After Iraq, Vita e Pensiero, 2005

Jonathan Davis (Fall 2002 Fellow, Henry L. Stimson Center)
• wrote Export Controls in the People’s Republic of China 2005, CITS Report, February 2005

Jon Elliston (Fall 1993)
• wrote “Hard Landing: Amid Protests, the Navy Presses Its Case,” Independent Weekly, January 19, 2005
• wrote “We’ve Got a Secret…That We’re Keeping From Ourselves,” review of Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World, Independent Weekly, March 16, 2005
• wrote “Accidents Will Happen,” Mountain Xpress, April 20, 2005
• wrote “Who’s In Charge Here?: Secret Army Training Raises Troubling Questions,” Mountain Xpress, April 20, 2005
• wrote The Disaster That Shouldn’t Have Been,” Independent Weekly, September 7, 2005
• interviewed on “The Speakeasy with Dorian,” WFMU Nnew York, NY, September 12, 2005
• wrote “FEMA: Confederacy of Dunces,” The Nation, September 26, 2005

Elizabeth Eraker (Fall 2004)
• provided editorial assistance to “Interview with R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano,” NIS Export Control Observer, December 2004/January 2005

John Feffer (Spring 1988)
• wrote “Caught in the Muddle–Round Two of Bush vs. North Korea,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 10, 2005
• wrote “Dealing with the Powers in Pyongyang,” Ft. Worth Star-Telegram op-ed, February 16, 2005
• wrote “All Democracy, All the Time,” Salon, March 15, 2005
• co-wrote “Korea’s Slow-Motion Reunification,” Boston Globe op-ed, June 9, 2005 and International Herald Tribune, June 10, 2005
• wrote “Atoms for Peace,” The Providence Journal, August 17, 2005
• interviewed about North Korea on Counterspin, September 30, 2005
• wrote “Uses of Ambiguity in North Korea Agreement,” Foreign Policy in Focus, October 1, 2005
• wrote “Hunger Strike at Guantanamo,” ZNet, October 8, 2005
• wrote “To Link or Not to Link: The Human Rights Question in North Korea,” Foreign Policy in Focus, December 19, 2005

Christopher Gagne (Spring 1999)
• wrote “POTA: Lessons Learned From India’s Anti-Terror Act,” Boston College Third World Law Journal, Volume 25, Number 1, 2005

Barb Guy (Fall 1991)
• wrote “Inauguration Already? I’m Still Busy Apologizing for the Election,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, January 16, 2005
• wrote “Democracy in Action: A Dispatch From the Front Line,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, March 27, 2005
• wrote ‘They Also Serve Who Stand for Peace,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, May 29, 2005
• wrote “Hiroshima Warning: We All Must Work for Peace,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, August 7, 2005
• wrote “Don’t Like Military Targeting Kids? Opt Out of Recruiting,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, September 25, 2005
• wrote “Salt Lake Peace Rally Ends with People Spouting Hatred,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, October 2, 2005
• wrote “Bush People Have Cranked Up the Ol’ Fog Machine,” Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, November 20, 2005

Heather Hamilton (Fall 1995)
• interviewed on KSOP Salt Lake City, UT, about International Criminal Court and Darfur, February 22, 2005
• interviewed on “Talk to America” about genocide, Voice of America, February 27, 2005
• interviewed on WEUV Huntsville, AL, about conflict prevention, March 4, 2005
• quoted in “UN Deadlock Delays Sudan Peace Efforts,” International Herald Tribune, March 18, 2005
• quoted in “Dilemma for Washington As ICC Begins Darfur Probe,” Financial Times, June 6, 2005
• interviewed on KNST-AM, Tucson, AZ, about the UN Summit, September 12, 2005

William Huntington (Fall 2005)
• co-interviewed “Coming to Terms with Brazil’s Nuclear Past : An Interview with Odair Gonçalves, President of Brazil’s Nuclear Energy Commission,” Arms Control Association website, September 2005
• wrote “Threat Reduction Program Extends Reach to Ukrainian Biological Facilities,” Arms Control Today, October 2005
• wrote “Brazilian Regulator Denies Uranium Claims,” Arms Control Today, November 2005
• wrote “Czech Uranium Removed,” Arms Control Today, November 2005
• wrote “Congress Boosts Threat Reduction Funding,” Arms Control Today, December 2005
• wrote “Congress Amends Iran Nonproliferation Act,” Arms Control Today, December 2005

Victoria Johnson (Spring 2005)
• wrote “SciClone Pharmaceuticals: Development and Commercialization of an Immune-Stimulating Drug,” Henry L. Stimson Center website, June 23, 2005
• co-created “The ‘Business’ of CTR,” Henry L. Stimson Center website, August 2005
• wrote “Auburn Firm Leads Way in Reducing Soviet WMD Threat,” Auburn (CA) Journal, August 4, 2005
• wrote “Davis Firm Helps Swap Bioweapons for Biosafety,” The Sacramento Business Journal, August 19, 2005
• wrote “New Horizons Diagnostics Corporation: Seven Collaborative Projects on Technologies to Improve Biosafety,” Henry L. Stimson Center website, August 19, 2005

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997)
• wrote “India Missile Overview,” Nuclear Threat Initiative, February 25, 2005
• “Nuclear Weapons: Cognitive Frameworks, Power Relationships and Self-Perpetuating Paradigms in Post-Colonial Societies,” Paper presented at the Social Sciences Research Council conference on Culture, Society and Nuclear Weapons in South Asia, Amsterdam, May 2005

Elise Keppler (Fall 1997)
• wrote “Grave Crimes: Darfur and the International Criminal Court,” World Today, January 2005

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• quoted in “Aging Warheads Ignite a Debate Among Scientists,” New York Times, April 3, 2005
• quoted in “U.S. Weighs Its Role in Weapons Development,” Christian Science Monitor,
April 20, 2005
• interviewed on “Nuclear Tensions: Discussion,” NewsHour With Jim Lehrer, May 2, 2005
• interviewed on “U.N. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference,” Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, May 2, 2005
• interviewed on “U.S., Iran Block Nuclear Non-Proliferation Discussions,” AM, Australian Broadcasting Company radio program, May 28 , 2005
• quoted in “U.S. Reverses Course, Backs U.N. Nuclear Head,” Associated Press, June 10, 2005
• interviewed on “NPT to Continue Despite Stalemate at Review Conference,” Voice of America News Now’s Focus program, June 27, 2005
• quoted in “U.N. Agency Urges Iran To Halt Its Nuclear Activity,” New York Times, August 12, 2005
• interviewed on “Negotiating Nuclear Weapons with Iran, N. Korea,” Day to Day, National Public Radio, August 16, 2005
• interviewed on “IAEA To Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Program,” Voice of America, September 16, 2005
• interviewed on Lingering Issues in the North Korean Nuclear Agreement, NPR Morning Edition, September 28, 2005
• quoted in “The Reach of War: Weapons; Defense of Phosphorus Use Turns Into Damage Control,” New York Times, November 21, 2005

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)
• wrote “Realistic Solutions for Resolving the Iranian Nuclear Crisis,” Stanley Foundation Policy Analysis Brief #1, January 1, 2005
• wrote “Being Alternative Means Being Realistic: Means and Ends in Iraq,” Democracy Arsenal, August 25, 2005
• will present “Forging a New Security Reality for the Persian Gulf and Greater Middle East,” Sagan National Colloquium, Ohio Wesleyan University, October 18, 2005

Loulena Miles (Spring 2000)
• wrote “Students Can Determine University Military Involvement,” The California Aggie letter to the editor, April 5, 2005
• quoted in “Plutonium Limit Doubled at Livermore Lab,” Associated Press, November 29, 2005
• quoted in “Nuclear Lab Gets OK to Double Plutonium,” San Francisco Chronicle, December 1, 2005

Krista Nelson (Spring 2003)
• presented a paper on “NGOs and the Creation of Laws of War Treaties: A Democratization of Negotiation?” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2005
• presented a paper on “The Politics of the Laws of War: Dynamics of Treaty Negotiation” British International Studies Association annual meeting, St. Andrew’s, Scotland, December 2005

Fatema Rasul (Spring 2005)
• updated “Sudanese Government Accused of Continuing to Bomb Villages in Darfur,” Center for Global Solutions website, January 31, 2005
• wrote “What Next for the African Union in Darfur?” CGS website, February 22, 2005
• updated “New USIP Task Force on UN Reform Headed by Mitchell and Gingrich,” CGS website, February 22, 2005
• updated “UN Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations Speaks at USIP About Congo,” CGS website, February 28, 2005
• updated “Nine UN Troops Killed in Congo,” CGS website, March 2, 2005
• updated “World Opinion On UN Security Council Expansion,” CGS website, March 22, 2005
• wrote “Time For A UN Emergency Capacity,” CGS website, March 29, 2005
• wrote “The United Nations Responds to Sexual Abuse by Peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” CGS website, March 29, 2005
• updated “In Larger Freedom: Secretary General’s Report Sets Agenda For UN Reform,” CGS website, March 30, 2005
• updated “The United Nations Oil For Food Program,” CGS website, April 26, 2005
• updated “Convention On Nuclear Terrorism,” CGS website, April 26, 2005
• co-wrote “Towards A Comprehensive U.S. Agenda For UN Reform,” CGS website, May 10, 2005
• updated “Recent Study Concludes The UN Is Better Than The U.S. To Lead Stability-Building, CGS website, May 12, 2005
• updated “African Union’s Peace And Security Council Agree To Increase Peacekeeping Force In Darfur,” CGS website, May 12, 2005
• wrote “UN Management Reform In Progress,” CGS factsheet, June 9, 2005
• co-wrote “Gingrich-Mitchell Report: A Viable Approach to UN Reform,” CGS website, June 29, 2005
• interviewed “Jean-Marie Guehenno: Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations Discusses Role of UN, NGOs and International Community in Peacebuilding,” Global SolutionsQuarterly, Summer 2005
• wrote “A World ‘In Larger Freedom’: Kofi Annan’s Plan for the United Nations,” Global Solutions Quarterly, Summer 2005
• wrote “Peacebuilding Commission,” CGS Fact Sheet, August 30, 2005
• wrote “Responsibility to Protect,” CGS Fact Sheet, August 30, 2005
• wrote “Terrorism: A Global Challenge,” CGS Fact Sheet, August 30, 2005
• wrote “UN Security Council: Time for Change?” CGS Fact Sheet August 30, 2005
• co-wrote “U.N. Reform: Bolton The Spoiler,”, September 20, 2005

Kristin Thompson Sharp (Spring 2001)
• presented a paper on “The New Institutionalism of the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reform Act,” Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Chicago, IL, October 21-23, 2005

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)
• wrote “Fighting the Illicit Trafficking of Small Arms,” (John Hopkins University) SAIS Review, Winter-Spring 2005
• co-wrote “Effects of Small Arms Misuse,” HFG Review, Spring 2005
• co-wrote “Stemming the Flow of Small Arms: Control Issues,” in Missing Pieces: Directions for Reducing Gun Violence Through the UN Process on Small Arms,
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, July 2005
• interviewed on “Connect the Dots: U.S. Gun Laws and the International Arms Trade,” P.O.V. (PBS), July 10, 2005
• co-wrote “U.S. Export Controls,” SIPRI Yearbook 2005, August 2005
• wrote “Reality Check: The Danger of Small Arms Proliferation,” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Summer/Fall 2005
• wrote “The Arms Trade,” Sage Encyclopedia on War and American Society, November 2005
• cited as background source for “Does That F-16 Come With a Warranty?” Slate, November 4, 2005

Masako Toki (Fall 2001)
• co-wrote “How We Think About Peace and Security: The ABCs of Initiatives for Disarmament & Non-Proliferation Education,” IAEA Bulletin, Volume 46 #2, March 2005
• wrote “Sixty Years After the Nuclear Devastation, Japan’s Role in the NPT,” Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, December 2005

Loung Ung (Spring 1997)
• wrote Lucky Child: A Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister She Left Behind, HarperCollins, April 2005
• wrote “A Birthday Wrapped in Cambodian History,” New York Times, April 17, 2005
• interviewed in “‘Lucky Child’ Details Flight from Khmer Rouge,” NPR Weekend Edition Sunday, May 8, 2005

Luke Warren (Spring 1997)
• quoted in “White House Defends Editing of Climate Reports,” USA Today, June 9, 2005