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2007 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 2007 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

David Andersen (Fall 1995)
• wrote articles on nuclear weapons, nuclear warfare and the Nobel Peace Prize International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, 2007

Michael Bhatia (Fall 2000)
• wrote “The Future of the Mujahideen: Legacy, Legitimacy and Demobilization,” International Peacekeeping, vol. 14, No. 1, January 2007
• wrote “Shooting Afghanistan: Beyond the Conflict,” The Globalist, August 27-29, 2007

Nick Birnback (Fall 1992)
• quoted in “Ban on Rubber Bullets for Peacekeepers” Associated Press, July 13, 2007
• quoted in “Dogs of War Unleashed by Fiji at Right Price for UN, Blackwater,” Bloomberg News, October 30, 2007

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• presented “Nuclear Terrorism: Reassessing the Threat,” panel “The Efficacy of Terrorist Suicide Bombings and Other Tactics” International Studies Association annual conference, Chicago, IL, February 2007
• co-wrote “After an Attack: Preparing Citizens for Bioterrorism,” Center for a New American Security, June 2007, pp. 1-68
• presented “Conflict in the Shadow of the Bomb: The Stability-Instability Paradox Revisited,” panel “Non-Proliferation: What Works? What Backfires?” American Political Science Association annual conference, Chicago, IL, August/September 2007
• presented “Assessing U.S.-Russian Cooperation to Secure Vulnerable Civil Nuclear Material Stockpiles,” presentation to joint U.S. National Academies and Russian Academy of Sciences project “The Future of the Nuclear Security Environment in 2015,” Vienna, Austria, November 12, 2007
• wrote “S. Paul Kapur, Dangerous Deterrent: Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and Conflict in South Asia,” book review, Political Science Quarterly, Volume 122, Number 4, Winter 2007-2008, pp. 702-703

Alex Bollfrass (Spring 2007)
• updated and added content to “Chemical Weapons Convention Signatories and States-Parties,” ACA factsheet, April 2007
• updated and added content to “The Chemical Weapons Convention at a Glance,” ACA factsheet, April 2007
• wrote “Tests, Arrests Draw Attention to Indian Missiles,” Arms Control Today, May 2007
• wrote “Iran-Iraq Chemical Warfare Aftershocks Persist,” Arms Control Today, July/August 2007wrote “Libya Backs Out of CW Destruction Agreement,” Arms Control Today, July/August 2007
• wrote “France, Libya Sign Nuclear Desalination Deal,” Arms Control Today, September 2007
• wrote “Details Bedevil Libyan Grand Bargain,” Arms Control Today, October 2007
• wrote “GAO Issues Warning on Biodefense Research,” Arms Control Today, November 2007
• wrote “Arms Control and Proliferation Profile: France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States,” co-wrote “China,” Arms Control Association website, November 2007
• wrote “Nuclear Material Consolidation Schedule Lags,” Arms Control Today, December 2007

Kasia Bzdak (Fall 2007)
• wrote “The Future of U.S. Missile Defense in Poland,” FAS Strategic Security Blog, December 10, 2007

Devon Chaffee (Spring 2002)
• wrote “The Troubling Track Record of Military Commissions,” American Constitution Society blog, November 9, 2007
• testified before the U. S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki commission) hearing “Is It Torture Yet?” December 10, 2007

John Feffer (Spring 1988)
• co-wrote “Sanctions and War on the Korean Peninsula,” Foreign Policy In Focus, January 17, 2007
• wrote “Bush and Kim: Brothers Under the Skin?” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 1, 2007
• wrote “People Power vs. Military Power in East Asia,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 13, 2007
• wrote “North Korean Nuclear Agreement: Annotated,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 14, 2007
• wrote “Promising Start with North Korea,” Seattle Post Intelligencer op-ed, February 16, 2007
• wrote “China the Indispensable?” Foreign Policy In Focus, March 9, 2007
• wrote “After Slow Start, Japan Engages Central Asia,” Inter Press Service, May 2, 2007
• wrote “Screening North Korea,” Foreign Policy In Focus, June 12, 2007
• wrote “South-East Asia: Democratic Deficit Growing,” Inter Press Service, June 13, 2007
• wrote “Justice and Foreign Policy,”, June 19, 2007
• wrote “India Returning to the Global Stage,” Inter Press Service, June 21, 2007
• co-wrote “Just Security: Conclusion,” Foreign Policy In Focus, July 9, 2007
• co-wrote “Can We Pursue Terrorists Without Becoming Like Them?” AlterNet, August 1, 2007
• wrote “Three Hard Truths,” Foreign Policy In Focus, August 17, 2007
• wrote “The Art of Anti-War,” Foreign Policy In Focus, September 21, 2007
• wrote “South Korea Can Play the Role of Transformer,” Korea Times, September 22, 2007
• wrote “Big Red Checkbook,” The Nation, November 5, 2007
• wrote “A Return to Diversity in the Balkans?” The American Prospect (web version), December 13, 2007
• wrote “The Paradox of East Asian Peace,” Foreign Policy In Focus, December 13, 2007

Julia Fitzpatrick (Fall 2006)
• wrote “Crisis in Darfur: Options for U.S. Policy,” CGS Factsheet, February 6, 2007
• wrote “United Nations Peacebuilding Fund,” CGS Factsheet, February 15, 2007
•co-wrote “No Peace Without Justice: U.S. Must Cooperate with ICC on Darfur,” CGS Briefing paper
• wrote “Indiana Action on Darfur,” “Interview with Suliman Giddo,” and “From ‘Never Again’ to ‘Responsibility to Protect’.” Global Solutions Quarterly, Summer 2007

Barb Guy (Fall 1991)
• wrote “Let’s Band Together and Put an End to This Divine Madness: The Divine Strake Public Information Session Was Not That Public,” Salt Lake Tribune, January 14, 2007
• wrote “Gov. Huntsman Gives the People a Voice in Divine Strake,” Salt Lake Tribune, January 28, 2007
• wrote “Three Women, One Message, Written on Hands and Bodies: Women Bear the Scars of War and Say, “No More” Salt Lake Tribune, February 11, 2007
•wrote “A Lot of People Gave Their All to Nuke Divine Strake,” Salt Lake Tribune, February 25, 2007
• wrote “Farewell to the Anti-War Movement’s Imperfect Heroine,” Salt Lake Tribune, June 10, 2007
• wrote “Fourth of July Fruit Salad: Apples, Oranges and Sour Grapes,” Salt Lake Tribune, July 9, 2007

Danny Hosein (Fall 2007)
• wrote “Obama’s Bold Comments,” letter to the editor, Washington Times, August 7, 2007
• wrote “The Terror America Wrought,” letter to the editor, The Nation online, August 9, 2007
• wrote “Responsible Nuclear Policies,” letter to the editor, Christian Science Monitor, August 13, 2007
• wrote “Democratic Candidates Disagree Over Nuke Use,” FCNL website, August 20, 2007
• wrote “Job One: Nuclear Disarmament,” letter to the editor, Investor’s Business Daily, October 5, 2007
• wrote “A Bomb Not Worth Building,” letter to the editor, Washington Post , October 10, 2007
• wrote “Try Diplomacy,” letter to the editor, USA Today, November 27, 2007

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• quoted in “Iran’s Pursuit of Nuclear Power Raises Alarms,” Christian Science Monitor, February 27, 2007

  • wrote “Replacement Warheads and the Nuclear Test Ban,” Defense News, March 5, 2007
  • guest on “Cold War Rivalries Rekindled?” Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, May 31, 2007
  • quoted in “Dispute Delays Arms-Control Talks with Moscow,” McClatchy Newspapers, June 18, 2007
  • quoted in “Putin Expands on His Missile Defense Plan,” New York Times, July 3, 2007
  • quoted in “House Members Say They Will Try to Block Arms Sales to Saudis,” Washington Post, July 29, 2007
  • quoted in “After Disdaining Arms Control, Bush Seeks to Engage Moscow,” McClatchy Newspapers, October 10, 2007

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)

  • wrote “Sort Out Which Terror Groups Pose Biggest Threats,” The Des Moines Register, May 2007
  • co-wrote “Shift Iraq Focus To Limit Impacts From A Failed State,” The Des Moines Register, July 2007
  • wrote “Mideast Peace Unlikely Without Iran and Syria,” The Des Moines Register, November 2007

Chris Lindborg (Spring 1997)

  • wrote “Iraq and the Transatlantic Alliance,” Foreign Policy In Focus, March 20, 2007

Richard May (Spring 2007)

  • wrote “Analysis: The 2007 State of the Union Address,” CDI Weekly Security Review, Issue 56, January 29, 2007
  • wrote “Petraeus: Right Guy, Wrong Time” Defense News op-ed, February 19, 2007
  • wrote “New Justice, No Peace,” New York Times and International Herald Tribune op-ed, March 5, 2007
  • wrote “Misdirected Tactics: Counterinsurgency Focus Misses Big Picture in Iraq,” Defense News, March 26, 2007
  • interviewed on “Changing the Face of War,” Voice of America, March 30, 2007
  • wrote “Wasting Money in Iraq,” UPI op-ed, April 11, 2007
  • interviewed on KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles about the recent call up of National Guard soldiers for Iraq, April 11, 2007
  • wrote “Mind the Gap: US Military Structure,” International Security Network, April 19, 2007
  • interviewed on Al Jazeera (English) about the surge in Iraq, April 23, 2007
  • wrote “Buildup, Not Surge,” UPI op-ed, May 30, 2007
  • wrote “Opportunity Missed: Logistics Support Contracts with Locals Would Help Stabilize Iraq,” Armed Forces Journal, June 2007
  • wrote “Turkey vs. Iraq?” Foreign Policy in Focus, July 12, 2007
  • interviewed about a new $82 million trainer for the Navy, Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN July 18, 2007

Hugh Moag (Fall 1991)

  • quoted in “Eastside Fire Crews Practice for Terrorist Assault,” Seattle Times, February 2, 2007

Andrew Prosser (Spring 2004)

  • wrote “Criminal Pursuits,” letter to the editor, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March/April 2007
  • presented “The Paths to Restraint: Explaining Why States Abandon (or Embrace) the Nuclear Option,” Annual Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference, Amsterdam, June 27, 2007
  • presented “Consequences of Nuclear Weapons on the Conflict in Kashmir,” Geneva Conference on Kashmir, United Nations, Geneva, September 25, 2007

Travis Sharp (Fall 2006)

  • edited 2007 National Security Briefing Book, Council for a Livable World, January 2007
  • wrote “The New Warner Resolution vs. The Old Warner Resolution,” Council for a Livable World website, February 1, 2007
  • wrote “The Audacity of Rearmament: Complex 2030,” Foreign Policy in Focus, February 14, 2007; Asia Times Online, March 7, 2007
  • wrote “The Other Iraq War Resolution,” letter to the editor, New York Times, March 2, 2007
  • co-wrote “The Flawed Surge,” and NewsCenter, March 2, 2007
  • wrote “Analysis of New Iraq Legislation in House and Senate,” Council for a Livable World website, March 9, 2007
  • wrote “Moving the Chains: Congress and the War in Iraq,” Foreign Policy in Focus, March 12, 2007
  • research quoted in “Hatch, Bennett slam timeline,” Salt Lake Tribune editorial, March 28, 2007
  • wrote “The Folly of New Nukes,” Council for a Livable World website, April 11, 2007
  • wrote “GOP Senators Voted To Limit Troops in 1990s,” Council for a Livable World website, April 12, 2007
  • wrote “Risky Business: Why Attacking Iran Is a Bad Idea,” Council for a Livable World website, April 12, 2007
  • interviewed about Iraq war on “War News Radio,” WNR Swarthmore College, May 18, 2007
  • wrote “A Debt Owed to Iraq’s Refugees,” letter to the editor, Washington Post, July 25, 2007
  • quoted in “Bush to Nominate Butler Native to Oversee Nation’s Nuclear Weapons,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 6, 2007
  • wrote “Bush Won’t Stop the Bucks,” Foreign Policy In Focus, August 30, 2007
  • wrote “Pressure Pakistan Over A.Q. Khan,” op-ed, United Press International, August 31, 2007
  • wrote “Resource Conflict in the Twenty-First Century,” Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, Fall 2007
  • interviewed on “Price of Iraq War 10 Times Pre-War Predictions,” Your World Today, CNN International, November 2, 2007
  • quoted in “New Law Boosts Funds for Chem-Bio Defense Industry,” Global Security Newswire, November 19, 2007
  • quoted in “Election Focus Likely To Keep Defense Funding Tap Open.” Defense News, December 3, 2007
  • radio interview discussing Iraq and Afghanistan war spending, KPFA-FM Berkeley Evening News, December 19, 2007
  • quoted in “$70B Bridge Fund Includes Just 8% of Bush’s Procurement Request,” Defense News, December 20, 2007

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)

  • co-wrote “Conventional Arms Fact Sheet,” in 2007 National Security Briefing Book, Council for a Livable World, 2007
  • wrote “Action on Small Arms: Moving Forward from Failure,” FAS Public Interest Report, 60 (1), Winter 2007
  • co-wrote “Just War Theory and Child Soldiers,” in Rethinking the Just War Tradition, eds. Michael W. Brough, John W. Lango, and Harry van der Linden, SUNY Press, March 2007
  • wrote “The United States, Small Arms and Terrorism,” in Terrornomics, eds. Sean S. Costigan and David Gold, Ashgate, May 2007
  • co-wrote “Sub-Saharan Small Arms: The Damage Continues,” Current History, May 2007
  • wrote “The Saudi Arms Deal: Congressional Opposition Grows,” Foreign Policy In Focus, August 6, 2007
  • quoted in “Report: U.S. May Have Lost Weapons in Iraq,” NPR’s Morning Edition, August 17, 2007
  • interviewed in “U.S. Weapons from Iraq Making Their Way to Turkey,” NPR’s All Things Considered, August 25, 2007
  • co-wrote “America Arms Questionable New Allies,” Baltimore Sun, September 11, 2007
  • quoted in “Guns, Not Roses, For Iraq,”, September 18, 2007
  • wrote “The GWOT Effect of Arms for Dictators,” Foreign Policy In Focus, October 3, 2007
  • wrote “Export Reform Shouldn’t Mean Less Oversight,” Defense News, October 8, 2007

Alex Stolar (Spring 2007)

  • co-wrote “What Legacy Will Musharraf Leave?” Spotlight, Stimson Center website, April 17, 2007. Reprinted in The News (Pakistan)
  • wrote “The Implications of Unrest in Pakistan for Nuclear Security,” Spotlight, Stimson Center website, May 18, 2007. Reprinted as “Are Pakistan’s Bombs Safe?” Rediff, May 24, 2007. Reprinted as “Are Pakistani Nukes Secure” Daily Times (Pakistan), May 25, 2007
  • quoted in “Pakistan’s Nukes Are Safe, Study by US Fellow,” The News (Pakistan), May 24, 2007
  • quoted in “Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets Safe Despite Current Unrest,” Daily Times(Pakistan), May 24, 2007
  • co-wrote “Outlook for Regional Security in South Asia,” Pakistan Horizon, July 2007
  • co-wrote “The 123 Agreement: From Bad to Worse,” The Hindu (India), August 25, 2007
  • co-wrote “Sputnik + 50 Years: Still Searching for Space Security,” Spotlight, Stimson Center website, October 5, 2007

Amy Buenning Sturm (Spring 2006)

  • wrote “Darmstadt Remembers 9/11,” INSCOM Newsletter, September 12, 2007
  • wrote “Transformation Chief Explains Darmstadt Changes,” MCOM World Newsletter, October 23, 2007

Masako Toki (Fall 2001)

  • co-wrote “Japan Balances Trade and Nuke Proliferation,” Asia Times Online, June 27, 2007
  • co-wrote “The Mitutoyo Case: Will Japan Learn from its Mistakes or Repeat Them?” Issue Brief for the Nuclear Treat Initiative, July 31, 2007
  • co-wrote “Japan Takes Steps to Integrate with the U.S Ballistic Missile Defense,” WMD Insights July/August 2007
  • wrote “Will Japan Support India’s Nuke?” Foreign Policy in Focus, September 26, 2007