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2004 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 2004 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

Claire Applegarth (Fall 2004)
• wrote “Foreign Ministers Affirm CTBT Support,” Arms Control Today, October 2004
• wrote “Russia, U.S. Bolster Regional Nuclear Security Following Terrorist Attacks,” Arms Control Today, October 2004
• wrote “Brazil Permits Greater IAEA Inspection,” Arms Control Today, November 2004
• co-wrote “Iran Agrees to Suspension of Uranium-Enrichment Activities,” Arms Control Today News Update, November 17, 2004
• wrote “G8 Global Partnership Selects Ukraine for Nonproliferation Funds,” Arms Control Today, December 2004

Toby Berkman (Spring 2004)
• wrote Funding for Post-Conflict Operations: NATO and the EU, Henry L. Stimson Center website, March 2004
• co-wrote Guide to Using the UN High-Level Panel Data CD, Henry L. Stimson Center website, July 21, 2004
• wrote country synopses of “Ongoing and Recent Peace Operations in Africa,” Henry L. Stimson Center website, 2004
• co-wrote “Operational Capacities for Civilian Protection Missions,” Henry L. Stimson Center website, 2004

Michael Bhatia (Fall 2000)
• co-wrote Minimal Investments, Minimal Results: The Failure of Security Policy in Afghanistan, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit briefing paper, June 2004
• “Enlightened Interventions: The Discourse of Practice in Empire, Military Occupation and Contemporary Transitional Administration,” presented at the British International Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Warwick, December 20, 2004

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• wrote “China’s Nuclear Posture at the Crossroads: Credible Minimum Versus Limited Deterrence and Implications for Engagement,” Kennedy School Review, 2004
• wrote Global Cleanout: An Emerging Approach to the Civil Nuclear Material Threat, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the Nuclear Threat Initiative, September
• provided research for “Liftoff” (The White House is Offered Weapons Grade Uranium),
The West Wing, NBC, November 10, 2004

Devon Chaffee (Spring 2002)
• wrote “Freedom or Force on the High Seas? Arms Interdiction and International Law,” Sciencefor Democratic Action, June 2004
• quoted in “Students Unite to Protest Sudanese Genocide,” The Daily Pennsylvanian, November 19, 2004

Sarah Chankin-Gould (Fall 2003)
• wrote “Preventing Nuclear Proliferation in Latin America: The Treaty of Tlatelolco,” FAS Public Interest Report, Winter 2004
• co-wrote “MANPADS Proliferation,” FAS Issue Brief, January 2004
• wrote “The OAS Firearms Convention: Curbing Illicit Arms Flows for a More Secure Future,” FAS Issue Brief, January 2004
• provided research for “Small Arms, Terrorism and the OAS Firearms Convention,” FAS Occasional Paper, March 2004
• wrote “Indonesia,” CDI website, September 30, 2004
• wrote “Philippines,” CDI website, October 28, 2004
• wrote “Georgia,” CDI website, November 30, 2004
• wrote “The Bush Administration’s Landmines Policy,” CDI website, December 7, 2004

Jon Elliston (Fall 1993)
• wrote “Disaster in the Making: As FEMA Weathers a Storm of Bush Administration Policy and Budget Changes, Protection From Natural Hazards May Be Trumped by ‘Homeland Security,'” Independent Weekly, September 22, 2004

Elizabeth Eraker (Fall 2004)
• co-wrote “Duelfer Report Uncovers Complex Arms Procurement Network; Links to Asian Countries and Companies,” Asian Export Control Observer, October/November 2004
• wrote “Cleanup After a Radiological Attack; U.S. Prepares Guidance,” The Nonproliferation Review, Fall-Winter 2004

Molly Farneth (Fall 2003)
• wrote “Nuclear Power and the Terrorist Threat,” PSR Factsheet, January 2004
• wrote “Environmental Health, Global Security, and Fossil Fuel Dependence,” PSR Factsheet, February 2004
• wrote “How Secure is the Homeland?: Biological Terrorism and U.S. Preparedness,”
PSR Factsheet, February 2004
• wrote “PSR Unites Environment, Security Expertise in New Initiative,” PSR Reports,Winter/Spring 2004
• wrote “No Safe Harbor: Security Threat of LNG,” PSR Factsheet, 2004
• wrote Powering Foreign Policy: The Role of Oil in Diplomacy and Conflict, PSR monograph, October 2004
• “Energy Policy and Global Security: Threats and Responses,” presented at the American Public Health Association National Conference, November 8, 2004

John Feffer (Spring 1988)
• wrote “Between Kim Jong Il and a Hard Place,” Foreign Policy In Focus, February 27, 2004
• wrote “U.S. Pushing Arms, Reforming Export Controls,” Asia Times on-line, April 7, 2004
• wrote “Taiwan: No Farewell to Arms, But Sales Slow,” Asia Times on-line, May 8, 2004
• wrote “Bring Our Troops Home (from Korea),” Foreign Policy In Focus, June 6, 2004
• wrote “New and Improved Europe?” Munhwa Ilbo, June 29, 2004
• wrote “The Democrats and North Korea,” Munhwa Ilbo, August 3, 2004
• wrote “The Forgotten Lessons of Helsinki Human Rights and U.S.-North Korean Relations,” World Policy Journal, Fall 2004
• wrote “Untangling the Knot: The Future of U.S.-South Korean Security Relations,” Foreign Policy In Focus Policy Report, October 2004

Barb Guy (Fall 1991)
• wrote “Nobel Prize Winner Finds a Novel Way to Work for Peace,” Salt Lake Tribune, December 19, 2004

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997)
• wrote “Nuclear Watch–Pakistan: The Sorry Affairs of the Islamic Republic,” Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, January 2004
• wrote “Proliferation Unbound: Nuclear Tales from Pakistan,” CNS Research Story, CNS website, February 23, 2004
• wrote “WMD Diffusion in Asia,” in Ashley J. Tellis and Michael Wills ed., Strategic Asia 2004-2005: Taking Stock of the War on Terrorism, National Bureau of Asian Research, 2004

Elise Keppler (Fall 1997) 
• interviewed “An Update on Sierra Leone’s War Crimes Tribunal,” NPR The Tavis Smiley Show, August 12, 2004

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• wrote “Reality Check: Libya and Iran,” Arms Control Today, January/February 2004
• co-wrote “Strengthen International Weapons Inspections,,” op-ed, Baltimore Sun, February 23, 2004
• wrote “Broaden the Nonproliferation Campaign,” Arms Control Today, March 2004
• quoted in “$27 Million Sought for Nuclear Arms Study,” Washington Post, March 20, 2004
• wrote “Act Now on Fissile Material Treaty,” Arms Control Today, April 2004
• wrote “Curb Nuclear Weapons Excess,” Arms Control Today, May 2004
• interviewed in “Brazil Denies Secret Nuclear Weapons Agenda,” NPR Morning Edition, April 7, 2004
• profiled in “Weapons Threat – Nuclear, and Other, Worries,” National Journal, May 24, 2004
• wrote “Act Now on Fissile Material Treaty,” Arms Control Today, April 2004
• wrote “The Nonproliferation Credibility Gap,” Arms Control Today, June 2004
• quoted in “Bush Loses Fight for Nukes Wish List,” Oakland Tribune, June 10, 2004
• wrote “Better Late Than Never on North Korea,” Arms Control Today, July/August 2004
• wrote “The Nuclear Arms Control Legacy of Ronald Reagan,” Arms Control Today, July/August 2004
• wrote “Trust, but Don’t Verify,” Arms Control Today, September 2004
• wrote “Iran: Getting Back on Track,” Arms Control Today, October 2004
• wrote “Obsolete Relics of a Dead Conflict,” Arms Control Today, November 2004
• wrote “Nuclear Checks and Balances,” Arms Control Today, December 2004

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)
• wrote “Threading the Needle: Balancing the War on Terrorism With Efforts to Prevent Deadly Conflict in South Asia,” Courier, Spring 2004
• wrote “U.S. Attempt at Domination Hobbled by Contradiction,” YaleGlobal Online, April 19, 2004
• wrote “Gulf Security in a Globalizing World: Going Beyond U.S. Hegemony,” YaleGlobalOnline, June 29, 2004
• guest editor, “Assessing Alternative Frameworks for Security in the Persian Gulf,” special issue of Middle East Policy Journal, Fall 2004

Chris Lindborg (Spring 1997)
• co-wrote “U.S. Congressional Report Shows U.S. and U.K. Dominate Arms Deliveries to the Developing World,” BASIC Notes (Occasional Papers), September 17, 2004
• wrote “How Deep and How Long Will NATO Go in Afghanistan and Iraq?” BASIC’S NATO E-mail Series, December 9, 2004

Loulena Miles (Spring 2000)
• quoted “Weapons Lab Expansion Draws Fire; Administration’s Plans for Livermore Pose Risks to Human Health, Activists Say,” Oakland Tribune, April 28, 2004
• quoted “Livermore Plans Ignite Protests Over Nuclear Weapons,” Nature, April 29, 2004
• quoted in “Review Offers Rare Peak at Nuclear Labs,” Sacramento Bee, May 2, 2004

Krista Nelson (Spring 2003)
• wrote Closing the Door: The U.S. Effort to Shield Itself from the International Criminal Court, CDI briefing book, February 2004
• presented “Lawfare: An Emerging Theory of Asymmetrical Warfare and Its Effects on Operations in Iraq,” at “Transformation and Convergence: Armed Forces and Society in the New Security Environment,” Toronto, October 2004

Andrew Prosser (Spring 2004)
• wrote “U.S. Arms Transfers to America’s Newest ‘Major Non-NATO Ally,'” CDI website, April 30, 2004
• wrote “Considering China as a Potential Member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group,” CDI website, May 26, 2004
• wrote “The Proliferation Security Initiative in Perspective,” CDI website, June 16, 2004
• wrote “Pakistan,” CDI website, June 30, 2004
• wrote “India,” CDI website, July 31, 2004
• quoted in “Proliferation Security Initiative Seen as Start to Curbing Trade in Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Sea Power, November 2004
• wrote “Nuclear Trafficking Routes: Dangerous Trends in Southern Asia,” CDI website, November 22, 2004
• co-wrote “The Need for Arms Transfer Restraint,” op-ed, Defense News, November 29, 2004
• wrote “Iraq: Civilian Suffering in the Fallujah Assault,” CDI website, December 13, 2004

Kaleb Redden (Spring 2003)
• co-wrote “Facing the Inevitable,” op-ed, Defense News, February 9, 2004

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)
• spoke about “Child Soldiers,” at the “International Symposium on War, Reconstruction, and Relief,” School of International and Area Studies, University of Oklahoma, February 19, 2004
• wrote “Haiti’s Big Threat: Small Arms,” op-ed, Christian Science Monitor, March 23, 2004
• presented “Small Arms and Light Weapons: The Crisis in International Security,” with Michael T. Klare, Issues Before the UN’s High Level Panel: The Scourge of Small Arms and Light Weapons, The Stanley Foundation and the United Nations Foundation , March 29-30, 2004
• co-wrote “Pakistan Policy Sends Dangerous Signal,” op-ed, Baltimore Sun, March 31, 2004
• wrote “The Legacy of Illicit Small Arms: Devastation in West Africa,” CDI issue brief, May 20, 2004
• co-wrote “Hired Guns,” Foreign Policy, May/June 2004
• wrote “U.S. Post-Sept. 11 Arms Trade Policy,” CDI website, June 30, 2004
• wrote “Forget WMD — It’s Conventional Arms That Are Killing GIs And Iraqis,” op-ed, Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2004
• co-wrote “It’s The Guns, Stupid,” CDI website, July 28, 2004
• co-wrote “The Failed and Failing State and the Bush Administration,” Listy SFPA, September/October 2004
• wrote “The Tangled Web of Illicit Arms Trafficking,” in Terror in the Shadows: Trafficking in Money, Weapons, and People, edited by Gayle Smith and Peter Ogden, Center for American Progress, October 2004
• co-wrote “Controlling the Most Dangerous Weapons,” op-ed, San Diego Union-Tribune, November 11, 2004
• co-wrote “The Need for Arms Transfer Restraint,” op-ed, Defense News, November 29, 2004

Masako Toki (Fall 2001)
• wrote “Roles and Challenges of Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education,” WMD Disarmament (Japanese title: Tairyo Hakai Heiki no Gunshuku ron), August 2004

Hisham Zerriffi (Fall 1995)
• presented “Quantifying the Robustness of Centralized Versus Distributed Energy Systems,” at the 24th Annual North American Conference of the USAEE/IAEE, Washington, DC, July 8-10, 2004
• co-wrote “Energy Infrastructure and Security,” Annual Review of Environmental Resource, V. 29, 2004