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1999 Publications

Articles, Reports, Media Appearances, etc., written or researched by current and former Scoville Fellows in 1999 (Year of Fellowship in parenthesis)

Nisha Baliga (Fall 1998)
• co-wrote “Ballistic Missile Defense” PSR Issue Brief, February 1999

Nick Birnback (Fall 1992)
• quoted in “Cry From Besieged City: Don’t Forget East Timor,” The New York Times, September 12, 1999

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999)
• co-wrote “More Reaction To The Test Ban Treaty Vote” Washington Times letter-to-the-editor, October 21, 1999 (with Charles Ferguson)
• wrote “Nuclear Stalemate” Washington Post letter-to-the-editor, November 6, 1999
• wrote “After Stumble, ‘HEU Deal’ Back on Track,” Arms Control Today December 1999
• wrote “Nuclear Dominoes” Scripps Howard News Service op-ed (printed by Nando Times and Deseret News) December 7, 1999
• co-wrote “Missile Defense: A Dangerous Move” Washington Post op-ed, December 12, 1999 (with Frank von Hippel)
• co-wrote “Missile Defense — A Threat to U.S. Security” Miami Herald op-ed, December 27, 1999 (with Charles Ferguson)

Stephanie Broughton (Fall 1999)
• wrote “CTBT Defeated” and “WAND Joins Project Abolition” WAND Bulletin Fall 1999

Jon Elliston (Fall 1993)
• wrote Psywar on Cuba: The Declassified History of U.S. Anti-Castro Propaganda Ocean Press, June 1999

Jared Feinberg (Spring 1998)
• wrote “The Armed Forces in Georgia” CDI monograph, March 1999

Denise Groves (Fall 1999)
• wrote “The Kosovo Liberation Army: Demilitarized or Transformed?” Weekly Defense Monitor September 9, 1999
• wrote “Protecting Civilians in Somalia” Weekly Defense Monitor September 23, 1999
• wrote “Waging the Peace in Kosovo” Weekly Defense Monitor October 28, 1999

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997)
• wrote “Barking up the Wrong Tree” Nuclear Watch August 1999

Kalev Kaseoru (Spring 1999)
• wrote “The Cost of Peace: Alternatives for Funding U.N. Peace Activities” circulated and used for a talk at the Hague Appeal for Peace May 7, 1999
• wrote “Locating Consensus for Democracy: A Ten Year U.S. Experiment” WFA publication, July 1999
• wrote “The International Criminal Court” WFA publication, 1999

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989)
• wrote “Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999,” Arms Control Today March 1999 (an ACA briefing)
• wrote “The Test Ban Treaty on the Eve of the Article XIV Conference on Entry Into Force” Disarmament Diplomacy May 1999
• co-wrote “Accelerating the Entry into Force of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty” CRND report, May 1999 (with George Bunn and Rebecca Johnson)
• wrote “U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy at the End of the Century: Lost Opportunities and New Dangers” Foreign Policy In Focus September 1999
• wrote “How The U.S. Senate Rejected CTBT Ratification” Disarmament Diplomacy September – October 1999
• wrote “What Went Wrong: Repairing the Damage to the CTBT” Arms Control Today December 1999

Michael Kraig (Fall 1998)• quoted in “Y2K Nuclear Stand-Down Urged” Associated Press March 9, 1999
• quoted in “Nuclear Stand-Down Urged By Lawmaker for Year 2000” Bergen Record (NJ) March 9, 1999
• quoted in “Weapons Problems Debated” Charleston Daily Mail March 9, 1999
• wrote “Safe or Sorry: The “Y2K Problem” and Nuclear Weapons “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists March/April 1999
• wrote “Y2K and the U.S.-Russian Arsenals” Toronto Star May 5, 1999
• wrote “Russian Roulette” FORUM for Applied Research and Public Policy Summer 1999
• wrote “Y2K and Nuclear Arsenals: A Final Report” BASIC Research Report, November 1999

Pat Ortmeyer (Fall 1994)
• wrote “The Fight Against MOX Continues” WAND Bulletin Fall 1999

Mark Sternman (Fall 1992)
• wrote “Politics of Weaponry Set Back Security,” The New York Times letter to the editor, April 24, 1999
• wrote “Arms Sale to Taiwan” The New York Times letter to the editor, August 8, 1999

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997)
• wrote “Ban on Child Soldiers Delayed Again” Weekly Defense Monitor January 14, 1999
• wrote “Weapons Collection Program in Albania To Begin With U.N. Support” Weekly Defense Monitor January 21, 1999
• wrote “Foreign Military Sales Deliveries Near $14 Billion for 1998” Weekly Defense Monitor January 28, 1999
• wrote “ACDA Releases Annual Arms Transfer Report” Weekly Defense Monitor February 4, 1999
• wrote “South Africa Takes Action on Small Arms Problem” Weekly Defense Monitor February 11, 1999
• wrote “Ottawa Landmines Treaty Enters Into Force” Weekly Defense Monitor March 4, 1999
• wrote “Code of Conduct Returns to House Floor” Weekly Defense Monitor March 11, 1999
• wrote “Northern Ireland Faces Disarmament Challenge” Weekly Defense Monitor March 18, 1999
• wrote “Arming the KLA” Weekly Defense Monitor March 25, 1999
• wrote “New Bi ll Would Increase United States Arms Exports to Taiwan” Weekly Defense Monitor April 15, 1999
• wrote “U.S. Plans More Weapons Exports” Weekly Defense Monitor April 22, 1999
• wrote “Africa Reacts to Child Soldiers Problem” Weekly Defense Monitor April 29, 1999
• wrote “First Meeting of States Parties to Landmines Treaty Meet in Maputo” Weekly Defense Monitor May 6, 1999
• wrote “Peace is a Human Right; Time to Abolish War” Weekly Defense Monitor May 20, 1999
• wrote “Deadly Steps in Kosovo” Weekly Defense Monitor May 27, 1999
• wrote “Commerce of Small Arms Banned in Rio” Weekly Defense Monitor June 10, 1999
• wrote “Disarming the KLA” Weekly Defense Monitor June 17, 1999
• wrote “Disarmament Process Plagues Northern Ireland Peace Agreement” Weekly Defense Monitor July 1, 1999
• wrote “Full Code of Conduct Introduced in House” Weekly Defense Monitor July 8, 1999
• wrote “Latin American Conference Addresses Child Soldiers” Weekly Defense Monitor July 15, 1999
• wrote “Albright Speech and Report Link Arms and Conflict in Africa” Weekly Defense Monitor July 22, 1999
• wrote “Liberia Destroys Civil War Arms; Part of New Global Trend” Weekly Defense Monitor July 29, 1999
• wrote “Cluster Bombs Leave Lasting Legacy” Weekly Defense Monitor August 5, 1999
• wrote “Developing World Remains Attractive Arms Market” Weekly Defense Monitor August 12, 1999
• wrote “Weapons, Weapons Everywhere” Weekly Defense Monitor August 19, 1999
• wrote “Security Council Adopts Child Soldier Resolution” Weekly Defense Monitor September 2, 1999
• wrote “Arming Indonesia” Weekly Defense Monitor September 16, 1999
• wrote “Albright Expands U.S. Small Arms Policy at United Nations” Weekly Defense Monitor October 7, 1999
• wrote “Neglecting Africa” Weekly Defense Monitor October 21, 1999
• wrote “Europeans Act on Child Soldiers Issue” Weekly Defense Monitor October 28, 1999
• wrote “Remembering the Smallest Veterans” Weekly Defense Monitor November 4, 1999
• wrote “Changes Planned for School of the Americas” Weekly Defense Monitor December 2, 1999
• wrote “Africa at the End of the Century” Weekly Defense Monitor December 16, 1999

Luke Warren (Spring 1997)
• wrote “Jumping on the Source Code Bandwagon” Arms Trade Insider February 17, 1999
• wrote “Reds! Nukes! Arms Deals!: Helms, Toricelli Offer Legislation to Liberalize Arms Trade to Taiwan” Arms Trade Insider April 1, 1999
• wrote “Why Steal Secrets When You Can Buy Them?: U.S. Grants UAE Computer Source Codes for F-16s” Arms Trade Insider May 28, 1999
• wrote “Stopping the Gravy Train: House Bill Would Cut Subsidies for Arms Exhibitions” Arms Trade Insider July 1, 1999
• wrote “For Sale: U.S. Arms Technology” Arms Trade Insider September 10, 1999

Hisham Zerriffi (Fall 1995)
• quoted in “Battle to Douse Incinerator” The Washington Post September 17, 1999