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Win Without War Education Fund

Win Without War Education Fund

Win Without War Education Fund was formed in 2002 as a coalition of like-minded organizations opposed to the Iraq War, and we have continued to advocate for a more peaceful American policy in the ensuing years. Throughout that time, we have evolved as an organization, and today represent a key piece of progressive infrastructure on national security and foreign policy. Our programmatic work combines issue campaigning, both directly and through a robust coalition and network of allied organizations, with policy, communications, and congressional relations to produce a unique capacity to advocate for more progressive and peaceful policy solutions.

Fellows would be instrumental in our planned work to more proactively promote progressive policy alternatives that prioritize peacebuilding, diplomacy, and development. Additionally, fellows would focus on promoting policy solutions that address key security threats such as terrorism and climate change through non-military means.

While the exact issues we work on is dictated by the changing of Washington’s policy and political debates, Win Without War Education Fund engages constantly in key areas of issue focus covered by the Scoville Fellowship including:

  • Ending endless global war – For 17 years, the United States has engaged in preventative wars around the world to counter threats posed by terrorism, with disastrous results. Win Without War Education Fund leads the charge to push Congress to end these executive wars of choice that have led to disastrous consequences and advocate for non-military solutions to the challenges we face.
  • Nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament – Advocating against the planned $1 trillion nuclear modernization, supporting diplomatic efforts to achieve arms control such as the JCPOA, and promoting diplomatic solutions for resolving nuclear concerns related to North Korea.
  • Conflict Prevention/Resolution – We are specifically hoping to deepen our work in this area in the coming months and years, with a particular focus on the need to address climate change as a growing source of future conflict.
  • Defense Budget – Win Without War Education Fund has long been at the center of the effort for a more responsible defense budget. Having previously co-chaired the Pentagon Budget Campaign, our Director remains a key expert on defense spending and helps coordinate advocacy aimed at re-imagining both the defense and international affairs budgets.
  • International Security, peacebuilding, and peacekeeping – we advocate for American involvement in diplomatic initiatives to end international conflicts and against U.S. military interventions that deepen, worsen, or otherwise prolong those conflicts.
  • Terrorism prevention – Our work includes a robust effort to promote non-military means of fighting terrorism and a recognition that the years of the War on Terror have produced devastating results.

In their work at Win Without War Education Fund, fellows would have a chance to produce high quality policy products on any/all of the above issues. Win Without War Education Fund regularly produces a variety of policy products including policy briefs, message guidance, issue backgrounders, op-eds, blogs, and sample legislation.

Fellows would work closely with our Policy Director and other members of our leadership team to create such products and content that promote policy alternatives. Additionally, fellows would have the opportunity to help coordinate policy discussions in a variety of venues including public events, roundtable meetings of NGO partners, and congressional briefings. Finally, we would work with fellows to understand their unique interests to develop a major project to be completed during their fellowship. This could include a policy white paper, policy-specific event, policy proposal (e.g. the Unified Security Budget).