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Partnership for a Secure America

Partnership for a Secure America

The Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) was created in 2005 by former US Representative Lee Hamilton (D-IN) and former US Senator Warren Rudman (R-NH) to lead by example, demonstrating that bipartisan progress on the toughest foreign policy and national security challenges is possible. Over the past ten years, we have succeeded in fostering and promoting bipartisan consensus on dozens of important policy issues, often through high profile public statements by our distinguished bipartisan Advisory Board. In addition, PSA administers a bipartisan Congressional staff education program, which provides mid-level Hill staffers from both parties with substantive foreign policy education, negotiation and communication trainings, simulated national security decision making exercises, and social activities designed to build relationships of mutual trust and respect across party lines.

The PSA Advisory Board consists of 22 highly distinguished foreign policy officials from previous administrations, including five former Senators, two former National Security Advisors, former Secretaries of State and Defense, three former UN Ambassadors, and a former Governor. Of this group, roughly half are Democrats and half Republicans. A complete list of PSA Advisory Board members, and links to PSA statements, is available at

A Scoville Fellow would serve as a Research Assistant with PSA. In this capacity, the Fellow would:

  • Undertake a supervised research and writing projects;
  • Help research, draft, and revise bipartisan policy statements;
  • Draft press releases, talking points and other materials supporting PSA initiatives;
  • Work with the media to promote coverage of PSA’s activities;
  • Help plan and organize events promoting PSA Advisory Board statements and the Congressional Partnership Program;
  • Attend and report on relevant Washington briefings and seminars as well as hearings on Capitol Hill;
  • Help manage the organization’s online presence and advocacy tools;
  • Contribute to the PSA blog, “Across the Aisle.”