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Scoville Stipend: J Street Conference

Yousef Bashir April 5, 2017


The professional development stipend was the most extraordinary part about being a fellow. It highlighted to me the deep and profound commitment the fellowship had for giving every fellow the opportunity to empower and be empowered. The J Street Conference was an opportunity for me to keep up to date with all the organizations that are working on a two-state solution outcome in Israel and Palestine as well as all the efforts that are being made to find ways and means to resolve the conflict. That was very essential to me as I am still in the stages of planning out my career. I was also invited to participate on a panel on Gaza which gave me the opportunity to educate people about the realities on the ground that are facing the people in Gaza. The conference was a fantastic networking opportunity for me and did lead to other speaking engagements and meetings.


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Yousef Bashir was a Spring 2016 Scoville Fellow at Partnership for a Secure America.