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Global Zero

Global Zero

Unable to host a spring 2024 Scoville Fellow

Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Since it launched in Paris in December 2008, it has grown to include 300 world leaders and half a million members worldwide; hosted numerous high-level summits and regional conferences; released bold, prominently covered reports from blue-ribbon international commissions, including a 10-year plan for the total elimination of nuclear weapons; built an international movement with supporters all around the world; produced an acclaimed documentary, Countdown to Zero, with the team behind An Inconvenient Truth; and launched international grassroots and media campaigns to reach millions of people worldwide with empowering calls to action.

A Scoville Fellow would join Global Zero’s program team working to advance the Global Zero Action Plan for the phased, verifiable elimination of all nuclear weapons, which at this stage focuses on generating multilateral dialogue among nuclear-armed states on risk reduction, supporting U.S.-Russia negotiations for a New START follow-on treaty, and the establishment of nuclear No-First-Use as a universal norm. Under the supervision of our program director, fellows will be expected to conduct research and analysis, draft policy briefs and fact sheets, develop public engagement and educational resources, contribute to press materials, and publish articles under their name (with ample support and encouragement by our team). They will also work to support the activities of high-level leaders and validators on issues of nuclear risk reduction and elimination via Global Zero-organized conferences, workshops, and media events.

Fellows will have the opportunity to attend lively discussions on priority issues, including meetings of our high-level working groups involving former officials and national security experts working to develop bold and politically feasible recommendations for nuclear-armed governments to advance nuclear risk reduction and disarmament. They will also attend convenings in the DC-based nuclear arms control and nonproliferation community, including events on Capitol Hill and discussions hosted by other non-profit organizations and think tanks. Dedicated opportunities will be provided for Global Zero senior staff to provide mentoring, feedback, and professional development.

By combining media, online and grassroots campaigns with cutting-edge policy initiatives and direct dialogue with key governments, Global Zero occupies a unique role in the nuclear arms control and disarmament community. Our forward-leaning agenda is underpinned by rigorous technical and policy analysis and backed by credible high-level validators, including former heads of state and political leaders, top diplomats, senior military commanders, and national security experts. Fellows will be expected and encouraged to plug into this Global Zero community, to think big and think outside the box, and to develop their own capacity as a champion for nuclear risk reduction and disarmament. Global Zero also works closely with Beyond the Bomb, a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization focused on grassroots mobilization in the United States to prevent nuclear war and dismantle the military-industrial complex, providing an opportunity for fellows to learn about the interplay between “inside” and “outside” tracks and the critical importance of intersectional advocacy.