October 2016 Update

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Scoville Fellowship Update October 2016

Following are highlights of the Scoville Fellowship since our last update in March:

See our new video describing how the Scoville Peace Fellowship helps launch careers in international peace and security. The video, which runs just over four minutes, features interviews with six Scoville alumni, a former supervisor of several fellows, and the fellowship president. Read the accompanying article.

We are pleased to announce that the following people have joined our board of directors this year:

Jeremy Bratt
Tristan Brown
Susan F. Burk
Toby Dalton
Kelsey Davenport
Kate Gould
Rebecca Hersman
Meredith Horowski
Stephen Miles
Steven Pifer
Madeline Rose
Andrew Semmel
Leonard S. “Sandy” Spector
Paul Walker

For their professional affiliations see a complete list of the Scoville Fellowship board.

Watch videos from the 2016 Scoville Fellowship annual reception with remarks by Ambassador Wendy Sherman about the negotiations leading to the Iran nuclear agreement and see photos from the event.

For the first time the Scoville Fellowship was invited to participate in the career fair at the Timbie Forum in July at the Elliott School at George Washington University. The Timbie Forum, formerly known as the Generation Prague Conference, is a State Department effort “dedicated to fostering new voices and new ideas on nuclear policy.” Several other organizations that recruit next generation leaders on arms control and nonproliferation also had tables. See our photo from the career fair. Kelsey Davenport (Fall 2011 Fellow, Arms Control Association) spoke on a panel on Perceptions of WMD in the Media at the event.

During the summer we had the first happy hour for Scoville alumni outside of DC. See a photo of former fellows in the Boston area.

We have continued to compile lists of articles published by Scoville Fellows over the years in major media outlets. See our recent list of articles in in The National Interest and The Hill.

If you have not already done so please read the bios of our fall 2016 fellows.

New jobs, awards, and graduate school info of Scoville alumni 

Yousef Bashir (Spring 2016 Fellow, Partnership for a Secure America) has become a board committee member and advisor at Kids 4 Peace.

Leore Ben-Chorin (Fall 2015 Fellow, Brookings Institution) is a research assistant at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School. She studies U.S. foreign policy and security issues, with a focus on Iran, Israel, and the broader Middle East.

Taylor Brooks (Fall 2015 Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) works at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security where he analyzes developing cyber trends in national security.

Hannah Haegeland (Fall 2015 Fellow, Stimson Center) was hired as a Research Associate in Stimson’s South Asia Program where she is working on nuclear security, crisis escalation and management, and regional politics.

Elizabeth Philipp (Fall 2015 Fellow, Arms Control Association) entered a Master in Public Policy program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, focusing on international affairs and nuclear policy beginning in August 2016.

Lianet Vazquez (Spring 2014 Fellow, British American Security Information Council) received an MA in International Security from Sciences Po in 2016.

Cody Poplin (Fall 2013 Fellow, ReThink Media) began his first year at Harvard Law School in fall 2016 where he intends to focus on national security law.

Audrey Williams (Fall 2013 Fellow, Stimson Center) is a Program Coordinator at Turkish Heritage Organization, where she focuses on strengthening U.S.-Turkey relations. She previously completed a 2015-2016 Fulbright Student Research Fellowship in Turkey.

Jessica Anderson (Fall 2009 Fellow, Henry L. Stimson Center) was selected as a 2016 Harold Rosenthal Fellow to work at the State Department’s Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor bureau. She is the third Scoville alumni to have received that fellowship.

Kasia Bzdak-Perdue (Fall 2007 Fellow, Federation of American Scientists) became Chief Operating Officer (she is also a VP) at the Pacific Council on International Policy:

Travis Sharp (Fall 2006 Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation) received his MA from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Highlights of Publications and Media Appearances by Scoville Fellows and alumni

Lauren Chadwick (Spring 2016 Fellow, Center for Public Integrity)
• wrote Pentagon Spent Billions Sending Weapons to Iraq, Afghanistan, Time, August 26, 2016
• wrote Afghan Forces Use Child Soldiers, & the U.S. Still Gives Them Money, Foreign Policy, August 3, 2016
• wrote Do Terror Attacks Really Happen in Bunches? Slate, April 14 2016

Leore Ben-Chorin (Fall 2015 Fellow, Brookings Institution)
• co-wrote Takeaways from Obama’s last Nuclear Security Summit, Brookings Institution Ordr From Chaos blog, April 4, 2016

Hannah Haegeland (Fall 2015 Fellow, Stimson Center)
• co-wrote Why the Nuclear Security Summit Alone Won’t Stop Nuclear Terrorism The Diplomat, April 12, 2016
• wrote Facing Armageddon in South Asia, Foreign Affairs, March 31, 2016
• wrote India’s Nuclear Dangers, Foreign PolicyMarch 31, 2016

Elizabeth Philipp (Fall 2015 Fellow, Arms Control Association)
• co-wrote Assessing Progress on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament: Updated Report Card 2013-2016, Arms Control Association Report, July 2016

Wardah Khalid (Spring 2015 Fellow, Friends Committee on National Legislation Education Fund)
• wrote Want peace between Israel and Palestine? The Iran deal is a good guide, The Guardian, September 21, 2016
• interviewed about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, CCTV America, June 14, 2016
• wrote On Palestinian Human Rights, We in America Need to Move From Talk to Action, Haaretz, Apr 19, 2016

James McKeon (Fall 2014 Fellow, Stimson Center)
• wrote Time to Give the Iran Deal a Chance, Real Clear Defense, June 14, 2016

Greg Terryn (Fall 2014 Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation)
• wrote Reducing the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal: Current Plans and Challenges to Implementation, CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues, June 2016

Alexandra Van Dine (Fall 2014 Fellow, Nuclear Threat Initiative)
• co-wrote Transformative Guiding Principles for Implementing Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities Nuclear Threat Initiative, July 21, 2016
• wrote The Cyber Threat to Nuclear Facilities, PONI Debates the Issues Blog, May 17, 2016

Kristy Kumar (Spring 2014 Fellow, Center f or National Policy)
• wrote Saving Human Trafficking Survivors from their “Saviors” Human Trafficking Center blog, April 6, 2016

Shane Mason (Spring 2014 Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
• co-created Nuclear South Asia, Stimson Center Open Online Course, July 12, 2016
• co-wrote India Needs to Understand the Causes of its NSG Embarrassment, The Wire, June 27, 2016
• wrote In Defense of Obama’s Nuclear Record, The National Interest, April 22, 2016

Audrey Williams (Fall 2013 Fellow, Stimson Center)
• wrote Summit or Jamboree? A Brief Assessment of the World Humanitarian Summit, Global Policy and Strategy, June 28, 2016

Kelsey Davenport (Fall 2011 Fellow, Arms Control Association)
• interviewed on As Leaders Gather For Nuclear Summit, A Look Back At Progress And Pitfalls
NPR All Things Considered, April 2, 2016
• wrote Iran’s Absence from the Nuclear Security Summit is a Missed Opportunity, Atlantic Council, March 28, 2016

Jessica Anderson (Fall 2009 Fellow, Henry L. Stimson Center)
• wrote States are ducking their responsibilities to refugees. This U.N. declaration might just start to change that, Washington Post Monkey Cage, September 23, 2016

Cole Harvey (Spring 2009 Fellow, Arms Control Association)
• wrote Electoral fraud, ballot stuffing, and voter pressure in the 2011 Russian election, Electoral Studies, March 2016

Kingston Reif (Spring 2008 Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation)
• co-wrote Rethink oldthink on no 1st use, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, August 29, 2016
• wrote Trump, Clinton and our nuclear wake-up call, CNN, August 13, 2016

Martha (Clark) Dunigan (Fall 2002 Fellow, Physicians for Social Responsibility)
• co-wrote Expeditionary Civilians RAND report, 2016

Masako Toki (Fall 2001 Fellow, Union of Concerned Scientists)
• wrote Hiroshima and Obama’s nuclear disarmament legacy for future generations, Asia Times, April 12, 2016

Philipp Bleek (Fall 1999 Fellow, Arms Control Association/Federation of American Scientists)
• co-wrote Elimination of weapons of mass destruction: lessons from the last quarter-century, The Nonproliferation Review, Volume23 Issue 1-2, 2016

Elise Keppler (Fall 1997 Fellow, National Security News Service)
• wrote This is what the conviction of Chad’s former dictator means for African human rights, Washington Post Monkey Cage, June 10, 2016

Rachel Stohl (Fall 1997 Fellow, British American Security Information Council)
• co-wrote Obama’s Lost Opportunity on Child Soldiers, U.S. News & World Report,
September 30, 2016
• wrote New Draft on Drone Export Rules ‘More Problematic’ Than Original, Defense News, September 29, 2016
• co-wrote Two Options for South Sudan & Neither Is Good, ForeignAffairs, July 27, 2016

Gaurav Kampani (Spring 1997 Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Counci)
• wrote India’s Evolving Civil-Military Institutions in an Operational Nuclear Context, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, June 30, 2016
• co-wrote Battling over Pakistan’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons, International Security, Spring 2016

Daryl Kimball (Fall 1989 Fellow, Physicians for Social Responsibility)
• co-wrote It’s time to cut America’s nuclear arsenal, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, September 30, 2016
• wrote Obama’s Nuclear Test Moratorium Is Common Sense, The National Interest, August 14, 2016
• wrote Taking First-Use Of Nukes Off The Table: Good For The United States And The World, War On The Rocks, July 14, 2016

John Feffer (Spring 1988 Fellow, Nuclear Times)
• wrote Not the Candidate of Peace, U.S. News & World Report, August 9, 2016
• wrote Obama’s Nuclear Paradox, LobeLog, June 2, 2016