2011 Fellows in the News

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Media appearances, publications and videos of current and former Scoville Fellows. 

Travis Sharp quoted in Defense Cuts Could Hinge on ’12 Election The Hill DefCon Hill blog, December 24, 2011

Elise Keppler wrote Managing Setbacks for the International Criminal Court in Africa Journal of African Law, December 22, 2011

Mary Slosson contributed reporting to Analysis: Kim Death Complicates Obama’s N. Korea Nuclear Quandary Reuters, December 19, 2011

Kingston Reif wrote What the Super Committee’s Failure Means for Nuclear Weapons Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, December 14, 2011

Matthew Buongiorno quoted in Creating Global Citizens West Hawaii Today, December 6, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Indonesia Brings Atom Test Ban “Closer to Global Law” Reuters, December 6, 2011

Masako Toki wrote Challenging Status Quo Key to Safer Nuclear Power Kyodo News, November 23, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in U.S. to Stop Sharing Data with Russia Under Arms Pact Reuters, November 22, 2011

Kingston Reif wrote Nuclear Turkeys Register Citizen (CT), November 21, 2011

Travis Sharp wrote Cuts to Defense Budget Might Be Inevitable, but Pentagon Knows BestU.S.News & World Report Debate Club, November 21, 2011

John Feffer  interviewed in ‘Is Europe Over?’: A Look At The Region’s Fate NPR Weekend Edition Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cassidy Regan wrote Prevention is Cheaper than Cure, The Hill’s Congress Blog, November 4, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Defense Industry – And Its Jobs – Vulnerable Philadelphia Inquirer, November 4, 2011

Travis Sharp co-wrote How to Cut the Defense Budget Responsibly Foreign Affairs, November 2, 2011

Kelsey Davenport co-wrote U.S. Must Rethink New Subs, Bombers Defense News, October 24, 2011

Patricia Morris wrote Supercommittee Should Put Military Spending on the Table, San Antonio Express, October 20, 2011

Travis Sharp co-wrote Hard Choices for Ground Forces DefenseNews, October 17, 2011

Rachel Stohl quoted in U.S. Launches Campaign to Track Down Libyan Missiles Washington Post, October 14, 2011

Robert Golan-Vilella co-wrote The Neocon GOP: By Design or Default? The National Interest, October 12, 2011

Rachel Stohl co-wrote Obama Neglects Child Soldiers, The Hill, October 12, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in The Defense Budget Implosion (IX): The End of U.S. Policy Since WWII? Foreign Policy The Best Defense, October 4, 2011

Kingston Reif co-wrote Expanding Nuclear Weapons Budget a Bad Investment, World Politics Review, September 26, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Proposed F-35 Cuts Could Hit Marietta, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 21, 2011

Kingston Reif co-wrote Two Treaties. One Congress. No Time to Wait, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, September 16, 2011

Salome Samadashvili quoted in Diplomats Meet in Tbilisi: Discuss Current and Future Strategy, Georgia Today, September 16-22, 2011

Daryl Kimball co-wrote Ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Los Angeles Times op-ed, September 14, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in For U.S. And Russia, Distrust Still Runs High, NPR, September 14, 2011

Alex Bollfrass wrote Explaining Libya to Iran, World Politics Review, September 12, 2011

Masako Toki wrote Leaving Its Comfort Zone: Japan’s Special Role in Creating a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, August 17, 2011

Kingston Reif quoted in Nuke Spending Plan Could Suffer Under Debt Deal, Global Security Newswire, August 3, 2011

Kingston Reif co-wrote Parting Words: Gates and Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July 14, 2011

Javier Serrat wrote NSG’s India Waiver Highlights Flawed U.S. Approach, World Politics Review, July 7, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Iran’s Nuclear Steps Deepen Western Suspicions, Reuters, July 6, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in War Savings Dividend for U.S. ‘Nation-Building’ Years Away, Analysts Say , Bloomberg, June 24, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Troop Drawdown Won’t Stop Spending Machine, CNNMoney, June 22, 2011

Philipp Bleek quoted in Turkey and Iran: A Delicate Balance Southeast European Times, June 20, 2011

Daryl Kimball wrote Only in Washington is More Considered Less The Hill’s Congress Blog, June 17, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Iran Accelerates Uranium Enrichment: Danger or Bluff? Christian Science Monitor, June 11, 2011

Javier Serrat wrote The IAEA Raises the Pressure on Syria’s Assad, World Politics Review, May 26, 2011

Mary Slosson wrote Debate Over Religious Freedom in Syria Causes Anger in Los Angeles Diaspora, Huffington Post, May 24, 2011

Philipp Bleek co-wrote Can Turkey Still Be a ‘Model Partner’ in Resolving the Iran Nuclear Impasse? Today’s Zaman (Turkey), May 17, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Pakistan Builds Low Yield Nuclear Capability, Concern Grows, Reuters, May 15, 2011

Sarah Williams wrote After bin Laden: Nuclear Terrorism Still a Top Threat, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May 13, 2011

John Feffer appeared as a guest on U.S. Military Objectives Post Bin Laden, The Diane Rehm Show WAMU Washington, DC and other NPR stations,
May 12, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in President to Introduce Largely Self-Regulatory Cyber-Security Proposal, with Government Powers to Shape and Shame, abcnews.com Political Punch blog, May 12, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in The bin Laden Spending Spree , CNNMoney.com, May 3, 2011

Hisham Zerriffi spoke on energy poverty The Perils of Barbequing Indoors in the Dark, TEDxGeorgiaStrait, April 8, 2011

Rob Golan-Vilella and Sarah Williams co-wrote Promises, Promises: A Progress Report One Year After the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, April 6, 2011

Nick Birnback quoted in U.N. Helicopter Fires At Ivorian Strongman’s Forces,  NPR, April 4, 2011

Kingston Reif spoke about Generation Prague at a conference on nuclear weapons hosted by the State Department, March 30, 2011

Matthew Buongiorno quoted in Student UN Group Travels to New York for Conference, West Hawaii Today, March 23, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Obama Administration Reviewing Ways to Shrink Nuclear Arsenal, Drawing Republican Ire Washington Post, March 23, 2011

Yurika Ayukawa interviewed on Japan Facing Biggest Catastrophe Since Dawn of Nuclear Age, Democracy Now! March 14, 2011

Jonathan Davis wrote From Ideology to Pragmatism: China’s Position on Humanitarian Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, March 2011

Molly Clark Dunigan wrote Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies’ Impact on Military Effectiveness, Stanford University Press, February 28, 2011

Daryl Kimball quoted in Secretary Clinton Urges Treaty to Halt Production of Nuclear Bomb Material, Bloomberg, February 28, 2011

Travis Sharp co-wrote Cyber Sanity, The Hill’s Congress Blog, February 25, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Go Inside the $56 Billion ‘Black’ Budget, Wired, February 18, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Why Pentagon Budget Cuts Might Not Be As Impressive As They Sound, Christian Science Monitor, February 14, 2011

Rachel Stohl quoted in America’s Hottest Export: Weapons, Fortune, February 11, 2011

Travis Sharp quoted in Military Spending Will Thwart Earmark Ban, Experts Predict, The Hill, February 7, 2011

Rachel Stohl wrote Should the U.S. Pay for Child Soldiers? Sojourners Magazine commentary, February 2011

Kingston Reif interviewed on the significance of New START ratification, Deutsche Welle Radio, January 26, 2011

Sarah Williams co-wrote Congress Must Get Serious About the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism, The Hill’s Congress Blog, January 18, 2011

Travis Sharp co-wrote The Right Cuts, Foreign Policy, January 7, 2011