Fellows’ Publications 2010

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Cole Harvey co-wrote It’s Not Just New START: Two Other U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreements Boost U.S.-Russian Reset, CNS Feature Story, December 21, 2010

Nathan Cohn wrot India’s Ballistic Missile Defense Options, Spotlight Stimson Center website, December 20, 2010

Alex Bollfrass co-wrote Panda-monium! Don’t Let Fear of China Hold Up Ratification of New START, The Will and the Wallet blog, December 16, 2010

Alex Bollfrass wrote Arms Control and Missile Defense: Opportunity and Costs, The Will and the Wallet blog, December 10, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote Sudan’s Referendum: Beyond the 11th Hour, Across The Aisle blog, December 10, 2010

Robert Golan-Vilella wrote New START and Dr. Rice’s “Caveats” Arms Control Now blog, December 7, 2010

Robert Golan-Vilella compiled Round-up of New START Editorials and Op-Eds, Arms Control Association website, December 1, 2010

Robert Golan-Vilella wrote NATO Approves Expanded Missile Defense and UK, France Sign Nuclear Collaboration Treaty, Arms Control Today, December 2010

Daryl Kimball co-wrote and Robert Golan-Vilella provided research for The Case for the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Arms Control Association Brief, December 2010

Cole Harvey wrote At Sea Over Naval HEU: Expanding Interest in Nuclear Propulsion Poses Proliferation Challenges, Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, November 30, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote CFR Report: Congressional Dysfunction Undermining U.S. National Security, Across The Aisle blog, November 18, 2010

Robert Golan-Vilella wrote State Dept. Restructures Arms Control Bureaus and UK Postpones Trident Replacement Amid Cuts, Arms Control Today,
November 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Acknowledging the Rights of Women in Conflict, Global Solutions Blog, October 29, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote United Nations: Americans Know We Can’t Go It Alone, Across The Aisle blog, October 18, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Nine Years Into War, No Easy Exits From Afghanistan Neon Tommy (USC Annenberg School), October 6, 2010

Robert Golan-Vilella wrote Software Error Derails Airborne Laser Test Arms Control Today, October 2010

Cole Harvey co-wrote Beyond Missile Defense: Alternative Means to Address Iran’s Ballistic Missile Threat Arms Control Today, October 2010

Victoria Johnson co-wrote National Commission on Children and Disasters, 2010 Report to the President and Congress Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Publication No. 10-M037, October 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote Bipartisanship on Development Policy: Make it an ImperativeAcross The Aisle blog, September 30, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote Africom Now: Security and Development Policy in Africa, Across The Aisle blog, September 22, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote New START Ratification Is Delayed… But Hopefully Not For LongGlobal Solutions Blog, September 3, 2010

Mark Donaldson contributed to Key Elements of the FY 2011 Budget Request for Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation, UCS factsheet, September 2010

Molly Clark Dunigan co-wrote Developing a Defense Sector Assessment Rating Tool, RAND Technical Report, September 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Obama Withdraws Troops From Combat Operations In Iraq Neon Tommy (USC Annenberg School), August 31, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote New START Verification: Inspecting the Critics’ Arguments, All Things Nuclear blog, August 27, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote Are We Ready: The Consequences of ‘Bomb Iran’ Across The Aisle blog, August 26, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote New START and Senate Processes: A Critique of Last Resort? Global Solutions Blog, August 23, 2010

Taylor Jo Isenberg wrote Kenya and Preventive Diplomacy: Finding a Way Forward Across The Aisle blog, August 4, 2010

Mark Donaldson co-wrote Frank Capra 2010: Nuclear Weapons Lab Directors Go To Washington, All Things Nuclear blog, July 16, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote New START Verification: Less is More, All Things Nuclear blog, July 14, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote Verification of New START, Union of Concerned Scientists fact sheet, July 2010

Mary Slosson wrote It’s Time to Step Up Diplomacy with Iran, Foreign Policy in Focus, June 25, 2010

Cole Harvey wrote The U.S.-Russian Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation, Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, June 22, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote It’s a Mad, MAD World, All Things Nuclear blog, June 16, 2010

Matt Buongiorno co-wrote Missile Watch, Federation of American Scientists Strategic Security Blog, June 2010

Molly Clark Dunigan co-wrote Hired Guns: Views About Armed Contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom, RAND Monograph,
June 2010

Mary Slosson wrote What Do The Non-Nuclear Weapons States Want? Nukes of Hazard blog, May 27, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Preliminary Thoughts on the Draft NPT RevCon Final Document, Nukes of Hazard blog, May 25, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote International Statements Supporting New START All Things Nuclear blog, May 17, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote P5+1 Reach Agreement on Iran Sanctions Draft Nukes of Hazard blog, May 18, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Gottemoeller: New START affects Iran Nukes of Hazard blog, May 13, 2010

Matt Buongiorno wrote Small Arms in Iraq Vulnerable to Theft and Diversion, FAS Strategic Security Blog, May 12, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Mother’s Day: A Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament? Global Solutions Blog, May 10, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Mass Atrocities Response Operations (MARO) Project Release Military Planning Handbook, Global Solutions Blog, May 7, 2010

Masako Toki wrote U.S. and Russian High School Students Tackle Nuclear Nonproliferation Challenges, CNS Feature Story, May 7, 2010

Cole Harvey wrote The U.S.-India Reprocessing Agreement and Its Implications, Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, May 5, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote An NPT Review Conference Update: Iran Stirs Up Trouble, U.S. Announces Size of Stockpile, and Indonesia Ratifies the CTBT! Global Solutions Blog, May 5, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference Hot TopicsCenter for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, May 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference Begins Monday – There is Still Time to Sign the Petition! Global Solutions Blog, April 30, 2010

Mark Donaldson wrote If We Are Not Going to Build a New Weapon… All Things Nuclear blog, April 28, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference: Sign a Petition Calling on President Obama to Take Action, Global Solutions Blog, April 28, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Does Climate Change Affect the 2010 NPT RevCon? Nukes of Hazard blog, April 28, 2010

Matt Buongiorno co-wrote Recommendations for the U.S. Delegation to the NPT RevCon, Federation of American Scientists, April 27, 2010

Cole Harvey co-wrote Russia’s Lukewarm Support for International Sanctions Against Iran: History and Motivations, Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, April 15, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Presidents Obama and Medvedev Sign Historic New START Global Solutions Blog April 9, 2010

Chris Lindborg wrote Considering NATO’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons After the US Nuclear Posture Review, BASIC Backgrounder, April 7, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide Global Solutions Blog, April 7, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote Nuclear Posture Review Sticks to the Middle Ground Global Solutions Blog, April 6, 2010

Meg McDermott wrote April 4: International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action Global Solutions Blog, April 5, 2010

Matt Buongiorno co-wrote NPT Review Conference Represents Decisive Opportunity for United States, Federation of American Scientists, April 2010

Mark Donaldson contributed to New START Treaty, UCS Factsheet, April 2010

Chris Lindborg wrote Keeping the “Non” in the Non-Nuclear Weapon States, BASIC Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2010 Paper #5, April 2010

Chris Lindborg co-wrote Treading Water in 2010: The Nuclear Weapon States and Nuclear Disarmament, BASIC Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2010 Papers #2, April 2010

Meg McDermott wrote U.S. & Russia Reach Agreement for New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) Global Solutions Blog, March 25, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote From Mowing the Grass to Groundwork for Withdrawal in AfghanistanNukes of Hazard blog, March 24, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote On Containment and the Possibility of a Nuclear Iran Nukes of Hazard blog, March 17, 2010

Jessica Anderson compiled Survey of International Border Assistance Initiatives, updated database to Post-Conflict Borders and UN Peace Operations Stimson Center, March 2010

Jessica Anderson wrote International Border Security and Customs Assistance Initiatives: A Guide to the Stimson Database Stimson Center, March 2010

Alex Bollfrass co-edited National Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament and co-wrote the chapter “United States’” Stimson Center, March 2010

Cole Harvey wrote Major Proposals to Strengthen the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Arms Control Association report, March 2010

Rachel Stohl co-wrote Stopping the Destructive Spread of Small Arms: How Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation Undermines Security and Development, Center for American Progress report, March 2010

Matt Buongiorno co-wrote Missile Watch, Federation of American Scientists Strategic Security Blog, February 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Is Operation Moshtarak Really Protecting Civilians? Nukes of Hazard blog, February 22, 2010

Cole Harvey wrote Nuclear Stockpile Modernization: Issues and Background Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, February 15, 2010

Mary Slosson wrote Ahmadinejad Declares Iran a Nuclear State on Anniversary of Islamic Revolution Nukes of Hazard blog, February 12, 2010

Daryl Kimball co-wrote Now More Than Ever: The Case for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Arms Control Association Briefing Book, February 2010

Travis Sharp wrote Vision Meets Reality: 2010 QDR and 2011 Defense Budget Center for a New American Security Policy Brief, February 2010

Cole Harvey wrote The Low-Enriched Uranium Fuel Reserve at Angarsk Nuclear Threat Initiative Issue Brief, January 19, 2010