1992 Fellows

Nick Birnback
Fall 1992 Fellow, Center for Defense Information

Education: Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School, MPP International Relations, 2003
Tufts University, BA History, 1992

Issues Covered: Conventional weapons proliferation; tactical aviation; gays in the military

Current Activities: Birnback is Chief of the Peacekeeping Public Affairs Section with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, where he is working primarily on UN-EU relations, and on the Kosovo Desk.  Prior to that he held several position with the United Nations, most recently as a Special Assistant with the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.  He previously served as Acting Spokesman and Officer-in-Charge with the U.N. Mission in East Timor, Political Officer/Special Assistant to the International Police Task Force at the U.N. in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Press Officer with the U.N. in Liberia.  Along with several colleagues he received the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity 2000 Humanitarian Award for their refusal to abandon the people that the UN Mission in East Timor was protecting from the local militias.

…I think what makes the Scoville Program different from other fellowships is the sense of being embraced by an already existing community. As a new Scoville Fellow, I found many of my predecessors still working in Washington and eager to provide me with all kinds of guidance…


Mark Sternman
Fall 1992 Fellow, British American Security Information Council

Education: Columbia University, MA International Affairs, 1992
Dartmouth College, AB Government and Philosophy, 1990

Issues Covered: Conventional arms trade

Current Activities: Sternman is Director of Governmental Relations for MassDevelopment, the quasi-governmental economic-development agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, He is responsible for working with local, state, and federal officials on budgetary and policy issues that affect his agency. He was formerly Director of Marketing and Communications, and Vice President of Communications & Policy, at MassDevelopment, and wrote op-eds, speeches, and statements on economic development issues for the President/CEO, helped frame policies and strategies on communications and government relations matters, and served as a media spokesperson for agency and manage five-person department. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of Council for a Livable World. He was previously a Senior Policy Advisor to U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry on economic-development (banking, R&D, small business, and transportation) and foreign-policy issues.

…The Scoville Fellowship provided me with the opportunity to work in Washington when such opportunities were scarce. I was able to interact with a large peer group and to familiarize myself with many arms control organizations. I enjoyed the work that I did during my fellowship but most of all appreciated the connections that it helped me make–connections that enabled me to obtain my first permanent job in the arms control field.

Karen (Cramer) Peterson
Spring 1992 Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council

Education: University of California at Berkeley Law School, JD, 1995
Dartmouth College, BA Anthropology, 1991

Issues Covered: Proposed recisions to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954; EPA

Current Activities: Peterson is Chief Operating Officer at Peterson Economics, a real estate economics consulting firm that performs economic feasibility studies primarily for the resort industry. Her work involves conducting interviews with real estate brokers and other market experts and writing reports.  Previously, she was Assistant Regional Counsel with the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Regional Counsel, where she focused on the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act and advised the engineers, geologists, and biologists who work for EPA regarding enforcement and permitting matters, particularly at mines in Arizona and Nevada.

…The opportunity to work at NRDC was fantastic. It opened my eyes to a whole network of organizations and individuals working to reduce nuclear arms and make nuclear power safer. The experience sparked my interest in energy (as well as broader environmental) law….
C. K. Logan
Spring 1992 Fellow, British American Security Information Council

Education: London School of Economics and Political Science, MA Political Economy, 1993
Loyola University, BA Political Science, 1990

Issues Covered: French Nuclear Policy; arms trade

Current Activities: Logan is water conservation officer for a municipality in New Mexico.  In this capacity she develops educational programs and city ordinances designed to encourage conservation of water.  Prior to that she was a Project Assistant at the World Bank, in the Agriculture and Environment Division for West Central Africa, where she worked on environmental management, natural resource management, rural development and social impact of World Bank Projects in this region.

…The Scoville Fellowship was a fantastic opportunity to broaden my knowledge of political science and international relations…I was able to delve into two diverse and interesting specific issues–the arms trade and French nuclear policy….It wasn’t just the knowledge–it was being welcomed in Washington into the arms control community…I am back in Washington in the hopes of impacting policy and making the world a better place!