1991 Fellows

Barbara Guy
Fall 1991 Fellow, Professionals Coalition for Nuclear Arms Control

Education: University of Utah, BA Political Science and Women’s Studies, 1991

Issues Covered: Nuclear testing, arms budget, redirection of the “peace dividend”

Current Activities: Guy is a freelance writer/public relations consultant.  She writes a regular column for the Salt Lake Tribune’s Sunday Opinion section, often on topics related to peace and security issues, and takes on varied freelance writing and public relations assignments.  A May 2009 column she wrote in the Salt Lake Tribune helped save the urban open space next to the main branch of the Salt Lake City Library.  She was named honorary chair of the 2009 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City.  She serves on the board of several non-profits, including Odyssey House (drug treatment) and Alliance House (mental health), and is an officer in the Utah Women’s Forum.

…The Scoville Fellowship gave me an opportunity to live outside my hometown for the first time. It enabled me to do meaningful work in our Capital and meet lots of people I had known of and admired for years. I was able to work on important issues from within the center of our government for a change, rather than from 2000 miles away. It was a tremendous growth experience and one that I’ll carry with me always.

Hugh Moag

Fall 1991 Fellow, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Education: Evergreen State College, BA Liberal Arts, 1991

Issues Covered: Department of Defense toxic waste

Current Activities: Moag is a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician for the City of Bothell (WA) Fire Department and president of the Bothell firefighters’ union  He is putting some of his Washington, DC experience to work as the PAC committee chair for his International Association of Firefighters Local.

Emily K. Green
Spring 1991 Fellow, 20/20 Vision

Education:  University of Minnesota, MS Conservation Biology, 1999
Grinnell College, BA English Literature, 1989

Issues Covered: Arms control; national security; military budget and budget process; arms trade; proliferation

Current Activities: Green is a Managing Editor at Bellwether Media where she writes and edits non-fiction science books for early readers. She was previously the Statewide Coordinator of the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships at the University of Minnesota.  She managed led the U of MN’s efforts to facilitate greater, more effective participation of citizens of outstate MN in advising and guiding the sustainable agriculture and natural resources research agenda of the University.  She has been selected as a Donald A. Williams Soil Conservation Scholar and a Women’s National Farm and Garden Association Sarah Bradley Tyson Fellow.

…The Scoville Fellowship provided me an invaluable opening into Washington, DC arms control and legislative work…[and] gave me an opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary for my current position…I am extremely indebted to the fellowship program for giving me these opportunities and consequently opening up a multitude of possibilities for me both personally and professionally…


James H. Walter
Spring 1991 Fellow, Council for a Livable World

Education: College of the Holy Cross, BA Religious Studies/Pre-Law, 1990

Issues Covered: B-2 Stealth Bomber and Star Wars; the Strategic Defense Initiative

Current Activities: Walter is a Senior Vice President / Public Policy Issues Manager in the Corporate Affairs Department at Bank of America.  He provides strategic counsel and recommendations to senior management on company policies, positions and activities, and works closely with the government relations and media relations teams to anticipate and respond to inquiries from policymakers and the press.

…In college, I belonged to a community of arms control activists [who] relied on arms control organizations in Washington for information. Coming to Washington to contribute to the work being done on arms control was a dream for me…I arrived a few days after the start of the Gulf War and quickly began sorting out all of the information coming out of the Middle East and the Pentagon. [Later] my focus shifted to the big ticket items of the defense budget: the B-2 Bomber and Star Wars.