1988 Fellows

Jessica R. Aberly
Fall 1988 Fellow, Committee for National Security

Education: Northeastern University School of Law, JD, 1994
Brown University, BA International Relations, 1988

Issues Covered: Education and outreach (primarily with women’s organizations) regarding military budget, specific weapons systems and Russia/Gorbachev.

Current Activities: Aberly is the principal of the Aberly Law Firm, which specializes in representing Indian tribes and pueblos in protecting their water resources.  In addition to her water law work, she is currently assisting Santa Clara Pueblo in ensuring the Department of Energy and the State of New Mexico properly address remediation, human health risk, environmental justice, and other environmental and cultural resource protection concerns associated with continued operations of, and past releases of radionuclides and other hazardous substances from, Los Alamos National Laboratory. She also assists Santa Clara Pueblo on all natural resource damage assessment and restoration matters associated with the Pueblo’s trustee membership on a multi-government Los Alamos National Laboratory Natural Resources Damages Assessment Trustee Council.



William Stassen
Fall 1988 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Program on Science and International Security

Education: Boston College Law School, JD, 1996
Earlham College, BA Political Science, 1987

Issues Covered: Arms control verification research issues

Current Activities: Stassen is a partner in the law firm of Fox Rothschild LLP in Philadelphia.  His practice areas are commercial litigation, trust and estate law and condemnation litigation.


Felicia J. Wong
Fall 1988 Fellow, Arms Control Association

Education: University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D. Political Science, 2000
University of California at Berkeley, MA Political Science, 1990
Stanford University, BA English/Creative Writing and Political Science, 1988

Issues Covered: Arms control agreements

Current Activities: Wong is president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute. She is responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s major program areas, which support its three-pronged mission of reanimating progressive thought, developing the next generation of progressive leaders, and preserving the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. She was previously Senior VP for Investment Services at the Democracy Alliance, where she led the development of a strategic investment portfolio composed of select leading progressive organizations. She pioneered the Alliance’s efforts to assess and increase the policy and political impact of its investments. She was also Vice President of Operations at Teachscape, a technology-enabled K-12 teacher professional development company. She received the American Political Science Association 2000 Dissertation Award in the category of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section for her dissertation titled The Good Fight: Race, Politics, and Contemporary Urban Education Reform.  Previously, Wong completed a White House Fellowship, serving as Director of the Federal Support to Communities Initiative, an interagency task force that used information technology to bring federal information and assistance to children, families, and educators. She also held a political appointment in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, where she worked on major education projects and the design and procurement of the multi-billion dollar Navy/Marine Corps Intranet.  Wong has taught history and philosophy at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, California and has taught English to children in a Tibetan orphanage school.


Randy Divinski
Spring 1988 Fellow, Council for a Livable World Education Fund

Education: Clark University, Graphic & Web Design Certificate, 2006
Syracuse University, MA Political Science, 1991
St. John’s University (MN), BA Government, 1985

Issues Covered: MX rail-garrison, Star Wars, Midgetman programs

Major Fellowship Activities: Divinski worked on countering the “rail-garrison” scheme to shuttle MX missiles around the country on trains.  He researched and wrote the Council’s MX rail-garrison factsheet and talking points for environmental impact hearings on the project.  He also wrote background documents on the Star Wars and small-ICBM (“Midgetman”) programs.

Current Activities: Divinski is a Grants Officer at the Highland Street Foundation in Newton, MA. HSF is a private family foundation that awards about $12 million in grants to non-profit organizations (mostly in MA). He manages grants and grantee relations for the foundation that funds education support for disadvantaged and under-served children, environmental conservation, healthcare and the arts. He serves on the USA National Coordinating Committee of Peace Brigades International/USA and on the advisory board of Peacework Magazine (published by Cambridge MA office of AFSC), and was an antiwar delegate to the 2007 Massachusetts state Democratic Party convention.  He is also a board member of Save Fenway Park, which in 2007 received Preservation Massachusetts’ Charles W. Elliot Award for a citizen’s group that has shown “Exceptional Vision and Excellent Planning” in the cause of historic preservation.

During my tenure as a fellow, I learned a lot about how arms control organizations work… about how the military budget gets hammered out (and how $100 million here or there is small change within the beltway) including how much of it is pork and sheer nonsense….I enjoyed the “team spirit” and collective work of the arms control community. This experience was key in my later decision to pursue a career in the world of non-profit political organizations instead of academia.


John Feffer
Spring 1988 Fellow, Nuclear Times

Education: Haverford College, 1986

Issues Covered: Alternative defense: peace education; U.S. policies

Current Activities: Feffer will be a 2012-2013 Open Society Fellow, returning to Eastern Europe to look at the transitions there (he wrote a book on the subject in the late 1990s). He will interview leading thinkers, activists, and writers in Eastern Europe, many of whom he spoke to while the transitions were underway, to gauge lessons that may be applicable to other societies experiencing similar transformations. He became Director of the Global Affairs Program at the International Relations Center and co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus in June 2006.  He previously worked as a freelance writer and editor in Washington, DC.  He contributed an essay on U.S. government subsidies of the arms trade for a project sponsored by FAS and CDI.  He worked for three years for the American Friends Service Committee in Tokyo where he co-directed the East Asia Quaker International Affairs Program . He focused on two areas: conflict resolution and the arms trade.  He conducted a conflict resolution training program in South Korea.  He also worked closely with groups in Europe and Asia on the Asia-Europe Meeting process to get Europe-Asia arms trade issues higher on the agenda, and wrote booklet, Linking Arms, on this topic.  He worked extensively on peace and disarmament issues along with groups in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan, and organizes regional exchanges.  He has also worked for the World Policy Institute. He wrote Progress on the Korean Peninsula? and North Korea Reaches Out which appeared  in Foreign Policy in Focus.  He coedited Europe’s New Nationalism ,which was published by Oxford University Press, and State of the Union: The Clinton Administration and the Nation in Profile, and wrote Shock Waves: Eastern Europe After the Revolutions and Beyond Detente: Soviet Foreign Policy and U.S. Options.

…Having an opportunity to be in DC and meet with policy makers was enormously instructive for me, not to mention professionally helpful. The work I did at Nuclear Times, particularly a long paper on alternative defense that became a chapter in my first book, helped me to shape my subsequent writing career enormously. Even though the Cold War is over, the need for arms control and disarmament specialists has never been greater. I’m glad to see that the Fellowship is still going strong!