1987 Fellows

Dan Galpern
Fall 1987 Fellow, Freeze Voter Education Fund

Education: San Francisco State University, BA Philosophy, 1984

Issues Covered: Educated potential delegates to Presidential campaigns about arms control issues; wrote briefings, articles on counterforce nuclear weapons

Current Activities: Galpern is a Senior Policy Analyst with the California Budget Project.

Jennie Jones

Fall 1987 Fellow, Union of Concerned Scientists

Sherri Schultz

Fall 1987 Fellow, SANE/FREEZE (now Peace Action)

Education: University of Oregon, BA Political Science, 1986

Issues Covered: Star Wars; SANE/FREEZE publications

Current Activities: Schultz is the founder and principal of Words with Grace, an editorial services firm that serves nonprofit organizations, book publishers, individuals, and businesses. She founded the Northwest Independent Editors Guild, a professional and social network for Northwest freelance editors, which now has more than two hundred members.

…After I graduated…bearing a degree in political science with a focus on arms control, I knew I wanted to apply my skills and energy in DC (but it was a long way from Eugene, Oregon). The fellowship gave me a job with the group I most wanted to work for–and an income to pay the rent so I could focus on work! The chance to see how politics really worked and to meet the …dedicated people doing political work was invaluable. And of course, at SANE/FREEZE I had my first paid job…writing and editing, which has developed into a career I love.

James Rise
Spring 1987 Fellow, Council for a Livable World

Education: Oregon State University, 1986

Issues Covered: Star Wars; nuclear testing

Current Activities: Rise is Vice President and General Manager of the Office Printing Business at Xerox Corp. where he is responsible for their black and white and color printer business.


Kathy Simmonds
Spring 1987 Fellow, Coalition NFP


Carla Williams
Spring 1987 Fellow, Physicians for Social Responsibility