My Journey into the World of Foreign Policy

Leore Ben-Chorin February 13, 2018 I was interested in issues of peace and security from a young age. I used to wake up early every day before school (when I was as young as eight or nine years old) and check Yahoo! News for their world news coverage. I loved carefully following major world events, […]

Stepping up to Confront Challenges from North to South

Christian Haig December 14, 2017 I grew up with feet on both sides of the Atlantic—split between the Norwegian High North and the American South. And as far apart as these places are, they share more than one might think. Photo of the Midnight Sun from Tromsø, Norway where Christian’s family is from (left).  Christian […]

A Most Tangled Bridge – Bringing Together Civil Society, Policy, & Academia

Namratha Somayajula November 6, 2017   When I was in high school, I never would have imagined myself taking a class inside a maximum-security prison in Oregon alongside twelve peers from my college campus and our incarcerated classmates. When that did happen, it didn’t take long to realize that I would find this class more […]

What Is Peacebuilding? Gaining Clarity at the AfP Conference

Emily Myers October 23, 2017 Over the course of three days, I heard the Assistant Secretary General to the UN, the Colombian Finance Minister, the founder of Upworthy, and numerous experts from across the academic, NGO, governmental, media, and policy spheres come together to discuss peace. Though the titles held by panelists at the Alliance […]

Coming Full Circle: Washington to Washington and all the Nuclear Things in Between

Kate Hewitt October 4, 2017 I am a Bomber, born and bred. The town I grew up in, created by the pursuit of nuclear weapons, is home to the Hanford site of the Manhattan Project. Two of my great-grandfathers worked on the Manhattan project as their contribution to WWII. My high school’s mascot was a […]

How an Obsession with Nightly News Led Me to My Dream Job

Chelsea Green September 18, 2017 Some of the most consistent memories from my childhood were the nights that my mother and I spent eating dinner and carrying out our respective activities while watching the nightly news. Until we were gifted a modest and modern television toward the end of my high school years, we watched […]

My Scoville Experience

Greg Terryn August 23, 2017 As I depart Washington, DC after three years at the Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation, I find myself reflecting on my time as a Scoville Fellow (and where better to house these reflections than on the Scoville Blog). If you are short on time, consider this my thesis statement: […]

From Russia with Love…and Geopolitical Consequences

Maggie Tennis August 4, 2017 At a church in Yaroslavl, Russia,  the city where Maggie lived for 6 months In 2012, I spent a semester studying abroad in Yaroslavl, Russia, a small, industrial city located about a four hour’s drive northeast of Moscow. The plan was to sharpen my Russian skills, travel and volunteer a little, […]

Peace, Security, and What’s Next: Tackling Tough Challenges as a Scoville Fellow and Beyond

Allie Van Dine June 14, 2017  “Al Qaeda wants a nuclear weapon. Not only is it not hard to imagine them getting one, but here’s how they would do it.” With that, former CIA officer Valerie Plame began to outline for the audience at the April 2011 Global Zero DC conference how the terrorist organization […]

“Why the Middle East?” I enjoy it

Jesse Marks May 17, 2017   Excursion to Wadi Musa also known as the “City of Petra” I pulled my luggage off the airplane and dragged an overpacked suitcase through the Queen Alia airport unaware that my perceptions of the Middle East would be shattered in under 40 minutes—the distance of the drive from the […]

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