From Russia with Love…and Geopolitical Consequences

Maggie Tennis August 4, 2017 At a church in Yaroslavl, Russia,  the city where Maggie lived for 6 months In 2012, I spent a semester studying abroad in Yaroslavl, Russia, a small, industrial city located about a four hour’s drive northeast of Moscow. The plan was to sharpen my Russian skills, travel and volunteer a little, […]

Peace, Security, and What’s Next: Tackling Tough Challenges as a Scoville Fellow and Beyond

Allie Van Dine June 14, 2017  “Al Qaeda wants a nuclear weapon. Not only is it not hard to imagine them getting one, but here’s how they would do it.” With that, former CIA officer Valerie Plame began to outline for the audience at the April 2011 Global Zero DC conference how the terrorist organization […]

“Why the Middle East?” I enjoy it

Jesse Marks May 17, 2017   Excursion to Wadi Musa also known as the “City of Petra” I pulled my luggage off the airplane and dragged an overpacked suitcase through the Queen Alia airport unaware that my perceptions of the Middle East would be shattered in under 40 minutes—the distance of the drive from the […]

A Scoville Fellow’s Look into the French Presidential Election

Lauren Chadwick May 5, 2017                                                                     Memorial to those who died in the November 2015                 […]

Scoville Stipend: J Street Conference

Yousef Bashir April 5, 2017   The professional development stipend was the most extraordinary part about being a fellow. It highlighted to me the deep and profound commitment the fellowship had for giving every fellow the opportunity to empower and be empowered. The J Street Conference was an opportunity for me to keep up to date with […]

A Day in the Life of a Scoville Fellow: The Carnegie Nuclear Policy Conference

Bernadette Stadler March 24, 2017   Bernadette (far right) with other current                                                                       and former fellows at the Carnegie Conference    […]

The Power of Peacebuilding

Laura Strawmyer March 17, 2017    Laura Exchanging with Rwandan Students on the Value of Education People often look confused when I tell them I work in “international peacebuilding”; for many, it’s a term they’ve never heard or considered before. I understand their confusion. At first glance, peacebuilding may seem like an abstract idea, and […]

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