2017 Fellows

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Christian Stirling Haig

Fall 2017 Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA Political Science and Peace, War, and Defense, 2017

Issues Covering: Nexus of issues around the U.S. military, renewable energy, climate change, and national security

Kathryn Hewitt

Fall 2017 Fellow, Brookings Institution

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MA Global Studies, 2017
Gonzaga University, BA Political Science and Philosophy, 2013

Issues Covering: Iran nuclear deal, North Korea’s nuclear program, and strategies for reducing incentives for countries to obtain/pursue nuclear weapons

Emily Myers

Fall 2017 Fellow, Alliance for Peacebuilding

Education: Union College, BA Political Science, 2016

Issues Covering: Women, peace, and security initiatives and the relationship between fragility, stabilization, and countering violent extremism

Donya Nasser

Fall 2017 Fellow, Truman Center for National Policy

Education: SOAS, University of London, MA Iranian Studies, 2017
St. John’s University, BA Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies, 2015

Issues Covering: Authoritarian regimes and their impact on regional security

Namratha Somayajula

Fall 2017 Fellow, ReThink Media

Education: University of Oregon, BA International Studies, 2017

Issues Covering: Narrowing the information gap between media and policy related to nuclear issues


Jesse Marks

Spring 2017 Fellow, Stimson Center

Education: Florida State University, BA Middle East Studies, 2016

Issues Covered: Regional solutions for peacebuilding and civilian protection in protracted crises in the Middle East and Africa

Current Activities: Marks is a Fulbright Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies in Jordan. He is researching Syrian refugee intentions for eventual return to Syria and varying push/pull impacting their decisions to return.

Bernadette Stadler

Spring 2017 Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Education: Brown University, BA International Relations, 2016

Issues Covered: Nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation issues including the future of the Iran nuclear deal, North Korea’s nuclear program, and Russia-U.S. nuclear relations

Current Activities: Stadler is a Program Coordinator and Research Assistant at the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. She primarily works on a two-year research project that examines how emerging technologies that enhance or degrade strategic situational awareness — the ability to characterize the operating environment, detect and respond to attacks, and discern actual attacks from false alarms on the tactical, operational and strategic levels of conflict — impact strategic stability in the nuclear domain. She also assists in coordinating PONI’s many programs and initiatives, including the yearly conference series, the mid-career cadre, and the Nuclear Scholars Initiative.

Maggie Tennis

Spring 2017 Fellow, Arms Control Association

Education: Brown University, BA Anthropology and Slavic Studies, 2015

Issues Covered: U.S. nuclear security agenda and Russian nuclear force policy and modernization

Current Activities: Tennis is a Researcher at the Center on U.S. and Europe at the Brookings Institution. She conducts research in assistance of Strobe Talbott, a distinguished senior fellow at Brookings. She assists in background research on Amb. Talbott’s various projects on U.S.-Russia, Russian nuclear policy, and transatlantic relations, as well as in support of his emergent book project tracing the intellectual roots of the American experiment from the Enlightenment era through the various interpretations of the 45 presidents, all the way to the current assault by anti-intellectualism on American democracy.